Model train runs upside down under table

Amy Crehore says: "My friend Mark Lowrie built this surreal train that runs under a table." Link


  1. would love to put one of these on my ceiling to go around my collection of different sized ceiling cats. lol

  2. Puck-
    Funny, that was my first thought on what to do with it when I built it (minus the cats) But it was really designed for my son’s gallery show at CalArts.

  3. Agreed, nice little visual puzzle — I want to know how this works. I can think of several possible solutions, from magnets to having it mechanically suspended from within the table (a disguised overhead monorail?), but I suspect there’s a simpler answer.

  4. A train running upside down? Unlikely.

    More likely: train is right way up. Room is upside down. Cameraman is hanging on ankle hooks from the ceiling.

    Any other mysteries need solving?

  5. #7 – Your answer reminds me of The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul…

    #6, your monorail idea sounds on-track (har har). The overall effect is good, but the felt job on the underside of the table… not so much.

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