HOWTO make easy ice-cream cupcakes

Marilyn sez, "My kids always want commercial ice-cream cake for their birthdays, but the icing is always so tasteless. These ice-cream cupcakes look easy to make and the ganache topping looks yummy."

Remove the ice cream from the freezer to let soften before filling cupcake tins. Leave on the counter for 10minutes or defrost in the microwave. When ice cream is softened, use a quick hand to spoon and flatten ice cream on top of the cake. It’s a little messy, but don’t worry about that. When all of the cakes are topped with ice cream, return to the freezer to harden. I left my ice cream cupcakes in the freezer over night, but give them at least 4 hours.
Link (Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. What my mom always did was pick up cheap, flat-bottomed iced cream cones, and bake cake mix in the bottom of them, then top that with the iced cream itself. worked like a charm, way less messy.

  2. Forget the kids – I’d make these for myself :) The linked site is quite nice, too. I’ve got a new feed to follow, no pun.

  3. Yeah, I’m detecting a cupcake theme (not complaining). At least eating these wouldn’t challenge my inner OCD geek.
    Cory could be setting us up; the next post could be Unicorn Cupcakes…

  4. I’ll bet a clean tool for making holes to plant bulbs in would cut ice cream that is still hard.


  5. Here’s another dead-easy idea I’ve done many times:

    Ice-cream sandwiches
    1. Make cookies and cool
    2. Smash some ice cream between two cookies and store in the freezer (or, eat right away if you like ’em soft)
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    Potential combinations are endless. I like chocolate chocolate chip cookies with blueberry or strawberry ice cream.

  6. Yeah, it starts with ice cream cupcakes, but next thing you know they have a thousand dollar a week dacquois and marjolaine habit.

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