BB Gadgets song: "Apple Store Is Down"

In anticipation of (yet another) Apple keynote today, Boing Boing Gadgets troubadour Joel Johnson recorded a lovely original song and accompanying music video, titled "Apple Store Is Down." Download the MP3 and make every day a Stevenote day! From the lyrics to the future hit "Apple Store Is Down":
Best not make any plans today.
The Apple store is down,
new shit is on its way.
A tablet Mac or new SDK.
Doesn't matter,'cause it's Apple, As long as Steve goes slow in the keynote:
"Had a great business year, our future success is clear.


But I have just one more thing to show before I disappear.
And I think it's the most exciting thing that we are gonna launch this year.
Boom it's here.


  1. Apfelschmerz: (noun) the painful realization that your Apple products fail to make you truly happy.

  2. Apple has always sold mediocre hardware in slick cases to insane prices. Who needs it?

  3. just had to watch 3 of my friends struggle with harddrive-stealing, and speed and memory robbing spyware. so thankful for my powermac..

  4. At the risk of touching off another Apple/IBM war thread I’d like to note here that I started in the IT industry in the early ’80s and IBM format PCs were almost always preferred to Apple for a simple reason: Apple sold consumer products and IBM sold Business Machines. They weren’t as pretty, but my first office PC ran like a Swiss watch on OS2. If the piece of hardware said IBM on the case, you could pick up the phone 24/7 and a trained professional was at your disposal, not somebody reading debugging scripts off of a screen. Industry does not fool around with critical machinery.
    Back then (and I’m talking ’80s here) Apple was for artists, academics and advanced home users and IBM was the industry standard. The gaps have closed a lot, but the origins and original emphases of the products still show to some extent.

  5. The gaps have definitely merged, but looking at the PC vs Mac ads, the old gulf is still being hawked. (in some places it is still somewhat accurate, in the Windows vs OS X context, for instance, rather than Apple hardware vs PC hardware.

    Also, that distinction you mentioned, artist vs business, was going strong well into the late nineties, and still gets tossed around, like there is some inherent Photoshop accelerator built into macs.

    But I think it was true, in a purely OS-context, for a fair while.

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