Generative music from eBay data

The Sound of eBay is a net art project by Ubermorgen that translates scraped eBay user data into electronica music. I'm a relatively infrequent but longtime eBay user and the tune it wrote for me was quite minimalist. Makes sense. I think. Other users' data yielded some nice vocoder-esque textures. From the project description:
First there was silence... Then there was data... But there was no story...

Just images and sounds...

cities were built and a grid was laid on top of the topography

Within this global grid a company named eBay became the largest marketplace, with very local marketspaces. eBay is romantic and seductive, not like the local fleamarkets in Paris (Le marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen) but sexed up a million times bigger and spherically transcended, much more effective and thoroughly commercialized. We love it! "The Sound of eBay" is the affirmative high-end low-tech contribution to the atomic soundtrack of the new peer-to-peer hyper-catastrophic shock-capitalism.
Link (8-bit NSFW)


  1. Neat concept, but I’ve seen this also done with bandwidth data and in both cases the music all ends up sounding the same after you listen to a couple of them.

  2. I’d give this one a miss. It’s a great social engineering way to tie your eBay user id to your email address. This could then let scammers do things like spot auctions you lose and send you bogus second chance offers directly via your email as if they came from the actual seller. Good way to get taken.

    Don’t let folks tie your user id to your email.

  3. ok concept, but I’ve seen the same kind of rumbling from hobos collecting cans.

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