Brave Men Run: Matthew Selznick's CC-licensed superhero novel/audiobook

Matt sez, "I thought that you might like to know about 'Brave Men Run,' a mash-up superhero/thriller novel by author Matthew Selznick, published by Swarm Press. What's really cool is that the author and publisher have released this as a multiple-format DRM-free e-book, remix-friendly Creative Commons audio book AND in the traditional print format, so readers are free to enjoy 'Brave Men Run' in any way that they choose. It's another sign that times are changing and the publishing industry is light years ahead of their brethren in the music industry." Link (Thanks, Matt!)


  1. I read Brave Men Run a few years ago… it’s a great little teenage superhero novel. If I recall, Selznick is even releasing his next book piecemeal as it’s being written on his website. Personally, I’m holding out for the audio version.

  2. I listened to BMR on Podiobooks and I love it. The characters are well developed, the story has a satisfying beginning-middle-end without throwing out the possibility of sequels, and the pacing keeps you coming back.

    I’m not anyone whose opinions matter any more than anyone else’s but if you ask me this is one of the best.

  3. I listened to it as well, great book. I hoping for another book in the setting (the writer says that he may revisit it at some point)>

  4. Nice to be seen in BB — thanks to folks who’ve left kind words about the book!

    Some new info, and two clarifications:

    First of all, the release date of the book is July 13, 2008 — I’ll be doing an all-day web-a-thon on streaming video at to rally fans and friends to rush on that day and push the book waaaay up the charts. There will also be some amazing, new Sovereign Era content I’ll be sharing on that day, live!

    There’s a gorgeous new cover for the Swarm Press edition of the book — Swarm hasn’t updated their site just yet, but you can see it at my site.

    Clarifications: I’m not releasing the second Sovereign Era novel, Pilgrimage, piecemeal as Chainring suggested. This was an experiment last year that didn’t attract enough attention to continue, so I’m writing it at my desk all by myself in typical geek writer fashion…

    Also, the text of the book is released under the Creative Commons Developing Nations License, and the edition is released under the attribution-no derivs-non-commercial license. It’s not “remix friendly” as Cory wrote, but folks are welcome to share it and tell everyone they know about “Brave Men Run.” If folks are interested in contributing fan content to the Sovereign Era universe, I encourage you to register at the forums at

    Thanks — and I’ll see everyone on Amazon on July 13, 2008!

  5. the world was made and lost again
    seven days and seven nights
    brave men run
    in my family
    brave men run
    into the setting sun

  6. Hey, Landowner! That Sonic Youth song was a massive earworm for me while I was planning and writing the book…. and so it became the title.

  7. Hi LB — yes, the Dev Nations license has been retired, but when I published “Brave Men Run” in its original form (POD Paperback, 5 DRM-Free E-Books, and Podcast — the first to have that 3-way simultaneous release) the license was still active. I don’t want to rescind it after the fact, because, well, that just seems like the wrong thing to do.

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