Judge orders teens to apologize on YouTube for "fire in the hole" prank


A judge ordered two teens (age 15 and 16) to post an apology on YouTube for throwing a drink in the face of a teller at a cashier in a fast food restaurant's drive up window.

The teens are charged with two counts of battery and one count of criminal mischief. Prosecutors say the boys must serve 100 hours of community service and send letters to the victims to have the charges dropped, Seminole-Brevard State Attorney spokeswoman Lynn Bumpus-Hooper told the Orlando Sentinel.

Despite the online apology, the victim, ex-Taco Bell employee Jessica Ceponis, told the "Today Show" that she wasn't satisfied.

I don't think the lesson is completely learned, because they are still young, and, to some of their friends, this is going to make them heroes," Ceponis said.

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  1. this is funny because the Jackass/CKY crew did this exact stunt years ago and helped make them lots of money selling dvds. don’t be copycats unless you plan to make money from it.

  2. Of course she’s not satisfied, she works at Taco Bell.

    I actually saw this on the news yesterday, and all I have to say is: What a stupid prank. No cleverness to it. Next thing you know these dumb kids will be “pranking” people with a lead pipe.

  3. Yup, the CKY crew did the exact stunt several years ago at another fast food restaurant. Not one of the big pranks, but just a smaller filler one between the better segments. Nothing new.

  4. Prank? This isn’t a prank, any more than punching some random stranger in the face is a prank. This is assault and battery, and on top of community service they should be forced to do a year of some low-wage, low-esteem service job where the customers habitually treat you like dirt.

    How you treat people doing jobs like that is a pretty good measure of how decent a human being you are. These guys are near the bottom of that league.

  5. Making the fun-loving young fucktards work the victim’s shifts at Taco Bell sounds like a good punishment.

  6. Bad stupid prank, by bad stupid people.

    Now let me tell you the “good version”:

    Many, many years ago, my friend Curt went to a Peter Frampton concert. He didn’t go there to see Frampton, though; he went there to see the opening act… Tim Curry. (This was during the period when Curry was trying to become an actual music star, rather than just an actor famous for a role in a cult musical.)

    Curt gets a big glass of soda at the refreshment stand and goes to his seat. Curry comes on stage and starts to perform…

    …and that’s when the two young teenybopper girls sitting in the row behind Curt start shouting, “We want Peter! We want Peter!

    Curt turns his head and does the “shhhh” thing at them. They stop, he turns his head back to the front, and as soon as he does so…

    “We want Peter! We want Peter! We want Peter!”

    Curt turns around again. “Young ladies,” he tells them. “Some people came here to see Tim Curry perform. I’m one of them, and I’d appreciate it if you’d allow me to hear him.”

    “Fuck off,” the teenyboppers reply. “We want Peter! We want Peter! We want Peter!

    Curt turns back around, uncertain what to do next. And he looks at the big glass of soda in his hand.

    Understand now, that Curt is one of the kindest, gentlest, sweetest guys around. Someone who hates confrontation, even verbal confrontation, and especially physical confrontation.

    “We want Peter! We want Peter! We want Peter!”

    And Curt looks at the soda in his hand.


    The. Soda. In. His. Hand.


    And Curt’s arm, with no conscious thought or volition on his part (he says), suddenly swings up in a ninety-degree arc, coming to an abrupt halt with his forearm and hand now vertical in front of his shoulder…

    …and the glass of soda now horizontal, with the mouth of the glass facing behind him…

    …and the abrupt halt triggering a sudden and striking demonstration of the laws (thank you, thank you, Sheriff Newton, Best Damn Lawman, Evah) of inertia and momentum…

    …and the sounds of a slushy splash, and two loud simultaneous shrieks, and then…

    …the clear and audible sounds of Tim Curry’s performance from the stage, and silence from behind Curt for the rest of the concert.

  7. I’d rather have a drink thrown at me than some of the shit i received when i worked a mc-job, thats nothing. I was screamed at spat at and physically threatened one time by a customer because I couldn’t get his daguhter a drink we didn’t sell, they offered him a refund…

  8. That’s priceless, Bruce.

    So, I notice the public comments and ratings are disabled for the YouTube video, which I think misses the point of this as a social media punishment. For the punishment to be fitting, this should be the internet equivalent of putting people in the stocks in the village square. We should all be able to make nasty comments about them.

  9. I wonder how many times they’ll have to go through the drive-thru before someone throws a drink into their car.

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