Wine glasses based on the seven deadly sins

Hamilton Design's "Seven Deadly Sins" wine-glasses come in seven shapes, one for each sin. No idea what they cost, but you could sure have a fun themed dinner party with 'em. Shown here: Gluttony and Lust. Link (Thanks, Wil!)


  1. I spoke to the designer and got a price.

    Hope y’all are ready for pants-crapping…

    The set, in a fancy wooden/velvet box is going for $16,750USD…if yer cheap you can get them without the presentation box for $13,400USD.

    Granted, it is art and it’s a limited edition of 25…I’m just a bit bitter because I loved it and wanted the Wrath glass so much but, unless awesome happens very soon, I’m probably not going to get it.

    Oh well.

  2. For an extra 3+ grand, I would expect them to be in individual presentation boxes engraved with the sin. That box that they’re displayed in on the website makes them look awfully crowded together rather than a way to present them.

  3. people really try to peddle some w*nk don’t they. I mean here is a set of 7 concepts based on a 1000 year old world view on what sends you to hell, but it’s kind of retro cool cos pretending you think they’re cool really annoys your grandmother _and_ they’re wine glasses.

    At best it’s Hugh Hefner coffee table anarchy for the life style lazy.

  4. I don’t think I get what will happen with all of them. Wrath, obviously, you either have to drink from the sharp edge or get stabbed in the face. But I don’t see what’s going on with the Lust glass. I like the idea of Pride, though – it’s huge and impressive, but you can barely drink from it and you can’t put it down.

  5. Here is my interpretation of the seven:

    Lust – The glass is dangled over another’s face, and that person must lick at the frosted ball to get a drink – like a hamster water bottle.

    Gluttony – The goblet has a paunch to it, and also holds more wine than a comparable glass.

    Greed – The bottle has tendrils that come off of it that allow it to hold more wine, but one must also expend more work to get at those last niggling bits.

    Sloth – A drip into a lazy persons mouth, requiring no effort to drink.

    Wrath – I like #7’s idea that one must drink from the sharp edge or get stabbed in the face, but from the illustration on the site, I also see that it facilitates throwing the wine at someone else.

    Envy – Quite simply, all you can do is look at the wine, but never drink it. All you can do feel envious of those who can.

    Pride – #7 hit this one on the head as well — you can look elegant holding the glass, but it’s impossible to drink it, and you cannot set it down anywhere.

  6. Thank you, the frosted bits were confusing me. I think these are even cooler now. Not because my grandmother would be upset, by the way, #6, but just because I like items that have humorous implications or ask me to think.

  7. Absolutely thrilling designs!

    Beautifully rendered, particularly the ‘Surveilence Chandelier’. Very well done. I even like the fashions that the models are wearing.

    Question: I realize that the glasses are real, physical designs, but are all of the offerings actual realized designs? (I got the impression that some were Photoshop concepts.)

    Thanks for the post!

  8. #11

    the original list of 7 dates from a time when the majority listened to what the pope said.

    In that light in the age of democracy WE should be compiling the new list, not being told like good sheep.

    Here’s mine :
    1) Being George Bush
    2) Being Dick Cheney
    3) Being Donald Rumsfeld
    4) Being the parents of any of the above

    I’ll stop at four just to break the pattern that sins HAVE to come in any number that you can count on two hands

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