Diesel Sweeties: the ten-volume free Creative Commons licensed collection edition

Rstevens, creator of the wonderful webcomic Diesel Sweeties, sez, "I finally got off my ass and finished my 10 volme set of CC-ebooks. Opted out of Wowio or any of those stinky services that are ad-supported because not all countries can sign up. Just some weekend reading for the blogosphere!"

Ten volumes of Diesel Sweeties! w00t! Link (Thanks, R!)


  1. @#1: The point of Creative Commons is to be free, not good! Don’t you know that the world will be fixed forever by a massive influx of free, shitty content???

  2. What kind of agreement does Wowio make you sign that he can’t distribute stuff through them, and on his own? Even though they have a limit to what you can download (up to 3 a day, up to 30 a month), and despite the ads, and not being available worldwide, I wouldn’t call them “stinky”. But if they have some kind of sole distribution clause, then sure, forget about it.

  3. Bacon-y goodness. Stevens is brilliant, consistent and considerate. Who gets pissy over free stuff?

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