Diesel Sweeties: the ten-volume free Creative Commons licensed collection edition


6 Responses to “Diesel Sweeties: the ten-volume free Creative Commons licensed collection edition”

  1. Master of Space and Time says:

    Sweet you guys !

  2. leebenningfield says:

    What kind of agreement does Wowio make you sign that he can’t distribute stuff through them, and on his own? Even though they have a limit to what you can download (up to 3 a day, up to 30 a month), and despite the ads, and not being available worldwide, I wouldn’t call them “stinky”. But if they have some kind of sole distribution clause, then sure, forget about it.

  3. Santos says:

    Bacon-y goodness. Stevens is brilliant, consistent and considerate. Who gets pissy over free stuff?

  4. El Mariachi says:

    Cool! Now if only Diesel Sweeties were ever funny…

  5. Kyle Armbruster says:

    @#1: The point of Creative Commons is to be free, not good! Don’t you know that the world will be fixed forever by a massive influx of free, shitty content???

  6. eustace says:

    Bwaaah! Fooey to you both. I love Diesel Sweeties.

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