Time lapse of Simi Valley fires from 2005

A video from powrslave:
Shot with 3 cameras over a period of 28 hours during September 28-29th 2005. Firestorm shows a a unique look at the Simi Valley fire which consumed 25,000 acres. Look for Mars, Orion & the Moon rising in the distance...
Link (via Ursi)


  1. I haven’t done work with video or time lapse photography, but I’ve always appreciated how music and moving visuals can compliment each other. This is not one of those cases. Bongo?

  2. On the original post, the creator chimed in about how he made this. I was kinda wondering if this is how it was done since the image quality is very high and the transitions are extremely smooth.

    “This timelapse was shot using 2 Dslr’s and one HDV cam. The beauty part is the higher resolution cameras allow me to build ‘nested composites’. Since they originally shoot at 3456×2304. This is how I was able to achieve some of the pans & zooms without motion control and maintain the original quality in Hi-def. Now if I could only find a site that would stream that kind of bandwidth. :)”

    Very cool and very nice job!

  3. Ooohhh… I favorite-ed this after I watched it, but before I listened to it… Ouch! I liked it better with the Amon Duul II that I was playing the first time I watched it.

  4. Judging from some of the previous comments, I’m happy that I watched the video with my speakers muted.

  5. That is quite beautiful. Wonderful way to turn a tragedy into art.

    As for the music – I kind of liked it, actually. Yes, the bongos threw me off when they first came in, but I think they eventually integrated well enough.

  6. Lovely!

    If today’s crop of posts showed us one thing, Mark, Xeni, and David really get BoingBoing’s mission statement.

  7. A very, very nice piece of work.

    And I thought the music fit the video pretty well actually (what’s with all the bongo hate?).

  8. hey, my daughter & her husband live there! Cali is freaky scary. we don’t have that kinda stuff in Jersey.
    i mean that axel foley-bongo music, fires can always be arranged

  9. I was only kidding about the music. I’ve since downloaded it onto my walk man, have it as my ring tone and created a cult to have all other music abolished, so that it may stand alone and reign supreme. No kidding.

  10. Simi Valley FTW!
    we’re not only the home of the rodney king trials, but also the 3 year fire cycle. oh and a mall. we have a mall. so there.

    ps-My son max also lives here, he’s 2 today. BIG UP MAX!

  11. You can see part of my commute! I ride through Simi every day.
    Gorgeous footage. The moonrise made the hairs on my neck stand up.

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