Charlie Stross in Second Life this Saturday

Wagner James Au sez, "Extropia, a large and prestigious futurist/transhumanist city in Second Life, will host Charles Stross at Sophrosyne's Special Salon, this Saturday, June 21, from 1-2:30 pm Pacific. Charlie will discuss the Singluarity in fiction, cutting-edge technologies, his Hugo-Award finalist novel Halting State, about virtual worlds and augmented reality, and his upcoming novel Saturn's Children. All event info at the link." Link (Thanks, James!)


  1. I haven’t had much interest in finding yet another place to waste my time, but perhaps I’ll enter Second Life just for the Uber-Stross. What’s his avatar look like? A kill-bot of some sort? Charles Stross’s work is soooooo good.

  2. I’ve asked this elsewhere, and perhaps once on Boing-Boing (but I can’t remember)…

    Has anyone taken Second Life’s open-sourced client and created a client that will run with lower-end graphics boards or indeed with graphics that come built-in to motherboards these days? I realize this could result in Clints and Brandies showing up in larger numbers, but it could also provide the critical mass to make SL the progenitor of something like the Metaverse

  3. Charlie Stross FTW!

    I haven’t read a Charles Stross story I didn’t love, and I’ve read them all.

  4. And in other news…Second Life still exists and people still use it.

    At least this was news to me. ;-)

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