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Scott Beale of Laughing Squid says: " has posted an excellent graphic on “How to Nap” in their “Ideas” section." Link


  1. I can’t wait for the rest of the series, especially ‘How to Eat’ and ‘How to Breathe’.

  2. I wish the text of the graphic was of a little higher quality. Other than that… I think I’ll…. doze off… just a sec….

  3. I’m sleepy just thinking about naps.

    I think I’ll take a nice sun nap this very afternoon!

  4. Latin America does it right with the siesta. The work-day / school-day in the rest of the world should be planned around napping.

  5. I just woke up from a nap. What great timing! This justifies those 2 hours in which I didn’t get anything done in the waking world.

  6. This is awesome, a useful napping cheat-sheet that condenses some of the most practical bits of what I learned about sleep over 2 weeks (a decade ago) in psychology 101 at Cornell University, taught by sleep expert Dr. James Maas:

    Totally off-topic but interesting to note: Dr. Maas’ son Dan is the genius behind some amazing 3D animations/visualizations done for recent NASA Mars missions, often seen in popular press.

  7. Note the newspaper on the male sleeper strategically draped over his lap. Spontaneous erections can be a bit of an issue when napping. That could be a whole new “how to for the gents” page I suppose.

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