Sounds of chimp sex


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  1. JM says:

    Obligatory Simpsons Quote:

    Homer: I’ll teach Bart about sex the same way I did

    (Flashback to Homer as a child watching monkeys at the zoo)

    Young Homer: Zookeeper! Zookeeper! Those monkeys are killing each other!

    Zookeeper: (Whispering into his ear) They’re having sex.

    Young Homer: Oh . . . .

  2. nikos says:

    Not to bust out with a naturalistic fallacy but is the female chimps’ excessive volume around males present for a similar reason human females dye their hair red?

  3. buddy66 says:

    Primatologists always going on about learning something about our origins and nature from the study of our hairy cousins, and there it is, I guess: the origin of the faked orgasm.

  4. Anselm says:

    How do you say “spank me” in Chimpanzee?

  5. Takuan says:

    ooookk! okokk! okk!
    glad to be of help

  6. Anselm says:

    Thanks, Takuan. I’ll be sure to shout next time I’m at the zoo and see how many furry little men spring to attention.

    Just for science, you understand. I would never find something that immature to be amusing.

  7. larf says:

    Oh fuck.

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