Congress set to vote on telecom spying immunity TOMORROW -- write to your rep NOW!

Richard Esguerra from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez,

After weeks of empty rhetoric about coming to a "compromise" on new spying laws, the House of Representatives is set to vote on telecom immunity tomorrow. The bill is HR 6304 and contains the exact same blanket immunity provisions, only with a few cosmetic changes so that political spin doctors can claim that it actually provides meaningful court review.

Whether or not Congress decides to offer immunity for telecoms that cooperated in warrantless spying programs is a key part of the broader battle over the Bush Administration's legal doctrine of unchecked executive power.

If you live in the US, please visit, find your Representative's phone number in Washington D.C., and tell them to oppose immunity for lawbreaking telecoms!

Link (Thanks, Richard!)


  1. I read this article and I thought “ok, why not. I’m gonna do it. I’ll actually call my representative and tell him to vote against this bill.”

    I type in my zipcode and turns out my representative already opposes it.

    oh well… maybe next time

  2. I am so grateful that Barbara Lee is my Rep. She’s one of only two decent Reps in the otherwise nasty ineffective immoral lazy stupid bribe-taking bunch.

  3. Write them all you want. They don’t give a shit.
    They only understand one language. Speak to them in their language.

    People also need to understand that this will cover torture too.

    “(i) authorized by the President; and (ii) determined to be lawful.”

    That’s language installing a full unitary executive. This legislation explicitly prevents federal courts from evaluating whether that “determined to be lawful” was accurate or reasonable. Kiss the rule of law goodbye because if the president has the power to determine what is or is not lawful we have a word for that, it isn’t democracy. The Dept of Justice has also told the Judiciary Committee:

    “The House Judiciary Committee does not have jurisdiction over the White House, and therefore is not entitled to see the documents requested”

    This is another full break with the constitution.

  4. What is wrong with the world?

    Ok, it’s no surprise the US under Bush is fucked up, but Canada, Sweden and probably all over the place…!?!

    Make sure you can tell your children that you were on of those who resisted.

  5. @2: You’re lucky, Zikman. My congress critter (Rodney Frelinghuysen) voted yea last time and I assume will again tomorrow. Still I called his office to go on record as very much against this bill and made sure the guy manning the phones understood that (a.) I vote, (b.) I have a long memory, (c.) the issue is one I have been following, and (d.), in case it mattered, also made sure they knew I was a registered member of the rep’s party.

    Oh well, at least my Senators here in Jersey have voted against this stuff when it has come up.

  6. HEY!! If your Representative already opposes it, say THANK YOU and tell ’em to keep doing it!

    Haven’t you heard the story that they presume that for every letter they get, there’s ten more who feel the same way who DIDN’T write?


  7. Of course this is a terrible thing. I mean it is big brother to the nth.George has been ignoring laws all along. It’s definitely been a “don’t let the truth or a law stand in the way of what I want.” Nothing has been done about it. I hope his administration has to answer to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the denial of our own basic rights( to know evidence, have a hearing, issue an appeal, etc.)for the Iraquis detainees.Republican administrations always seem to be big on wanting to keep record sand spy on us. It is terrible
    But, we have all been somewhat guilty.We all seem to like all the new technology gadgets. I mean we have caller i.d.. The cell phones have a GPS signal,supposedly for our safety, but who knows how that info is really used. Google can pinpoint us and others. Some can get into your computer and steal your identity- so I’m sure the government can intercept our cell phones ,emails gps ,almost anything we do. Stores and others know our interests- what we are likely to buy.A good computer person can pull up all records and history of websites and emails we have used. As parents, many review their children’s activity and contacts on the computer. I know that there is a black box in many newer cars that can record just exactly how fast you are driving and there is a way to inform parents. Bottom line, all the new tech items we use are exposing us to easier surveillance. Still, we continue to purchase each new gadget with more capabilities,thus making each one of us an easy target, if the government chooses to spy .

  8. Yeah this is a complete mess. Write your representatives, people. We shouldn’t be living in a panopticon.

  9. The house vote was a steamroll. Called my senator to ask him to lead or join a filibuster to stop this thing in the Senate next week. Also gave some money to a PAC that is going to target democratic reps. that enabled this abomination like Steny Hoyer.

  10. I called my rep, Lynn Woolsey, and told the phone answerer to have her vote “no” on it. It’s worth a shot.

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