Cranford Rose Garden tilt-shift timelapse

Dave Allen shot this nifty timelapse video of three days at the Cranford Rose Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Each still frame of the video was treated with a tilt-shift lens effect in Photoshop. Link


  1. An admirable experiment, but I’m not so sure the results were worth the expenditure.

  2. @4 Gigarizel
    Thanks for the link. What a beautiful video.I want it to go on and on.

    I’ve never seen the tilt-shift effect before and now have some research to go do. Very exciting.

  3. I looked at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden page, it seems strange to me that they credit the music for the time-lapse but not the photography.

  4. I was expecting to see something that had used a real tilt-shift lens (Photoshop doesn’t count) and had be slowly adjusted over time achieve some neat effect. This is simply a time-lapsed video with a Photoshop filter. Still, it was interesting. But the title isn’t accurate.

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