Cranford Rose Garden tilt-shift timelapse


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  1. gigarizel says:

    Here is another fun tilt-shift time-lapse . This was made with a different technique. The image was projected onto a DEM (digital elevation model) and rendered in 3D allowing the camera to move as well as rendering accurate tilt-shift.

  2. SFCitizen says:

    I see the tilt effect, but not the shift, if that makes sense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is the original application of this technique…

  4. soupisgoodfood says:

    I was expecting to see something that had used a real tilt-shift lens (Photoshop doesn’t count) and had be slowly adjusted over time achieve some neat effect. This is simply a time-lapsed video with a Photoshop filter. Still, it was interesting. But the title isn’t accurate.

  5. EH says:

    Shooped tilt-shifts never seem to look right.

  6. Agent 86 says:

    I loved the music

  7. Agent 86 says:

    Oh, and that their botanical garden has more than cacti.

  8. Torporous says:

    @4 Gigarizel
    Thanks for the link. What a beautiful video.I want it to go on and on.

    I’ve never seen the tilt-shift effect before and now have some research to go do. Very exciting.

  9. porkrind says:

    @5 EH

    I agree. It’s go easy to do with the proper camera too.

  10. alewine says:

    What is this song?

  11. gigarizel says:

    I looked at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden page, it seems strange to me that they credit the music for the time-lapse but not the photography.

  12. rubirose76 says:

    nice job! is worth a look also.

  13. zikman says:

    copy/paste will always get the better of us

  14. cinemajay says:

    I keep getting a message saying the “video no longer exists”.

  15. Dave Faris says:

    An admirable experiment, but I’m not so sure the results were worth the expenditure.

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