Boogie Nights Star Wars light saber mashup


13 Responses to “Boogie Nights Star Wars light saber mashup”

  1. sharkcellar says:


  2. Abelard Lindsay says:

    It is, after all, Full Frontal Friday.

  3. Antinous says:

    A more elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Does the buzzing imply vibration?

  4. eustace says:


    (thats twice this week I’ve had to clean coffee off my keyboard)

  5. Tits McGee says:

    Okay, my pants just exploded.

  6. Todd Sieling says:

    Very nice. There are so many perfect scenes in Boogie Nights.

  7. Antinous says:

    Just to be clear, that’s Cheeto Porn as in porn porn, not as in food porn. And how depressing is it when you can’t get a Cheeto to fuck you unless you wear a bag over your head?

  8. Carlos says:

    Wonder what he uses for a condom.

  9. Bonnie says:

    Luminous beings are we INDEED!

  10. Takuan says:

    what? am I missing something? Is it the white suit?

  11. ill lich says:

    “I’m a star.”

    Uhhh. . . would that be “Death Star”?

  12. coaxial says:

    I see your schwartz is as big as mine.

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