Dance mix of Canadian Minister of Industry Jim Prentice lying about Canadian DMCA

Here's a fine little dance remix of Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice ducking questions about his terrible new copyright proposal, Bill C61 (AKA the Canadian DMCA), on the CBC Radio show Search Engine. Link (Thanks, Rick!)

See also: Canadian Industry Minister lies about his Canadian DMCA on national radio, then hangs up


    1. If you click on the file name on the link page, it will invite you to select a program to open the file. It is however a pretty weird link.

  1. Ever since I heard the original podcast I was hoping someone would do something like this.

  2. Perhaps we may find out Mr. Prentice in another lie: He said that he – uh – had to leave for a cabinet meeting.
    Can it be confirmed that there was in fact a cabinet meeting shortly after the time of his radio interview ?

  3. Lol – “this bill is very technical, um…”

    Digital locks, digital locks, digital locks…

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