Dalek toy turned into roving surveillance bot


8 Responses to “Dalek toy turned into roving surveillance bot”

  1. cortana says:


  2. AirPillo says:

    Why is this paired with a background ripped from a Fallout 3 teaser?

  3. Enochrewt says:

    But is it the model that can navigate stairs?

  4. eustace says:

    Even if I owned it, I wouldn’t be able to resist kicking it across the room. Hard.

  5. macisaguy says:

    I’m with Airpillo….why are they showcasing this thing in front of a Fallout 3 background? It’s just…odd. Which I guess for a Dalek toy makes sense…but still. Weird and unecessary pairing.

  6. Bonnie says:

    However, the only way it turns on is if Rose Tyler touches it.

  7. Torchwood says:

    An exceedingly fitting piece of kit!
    Perhaps mps is developing these as roving cctv’s with death rays!


  8. padster123 says:

    Shhhh – you’re giving Skynet ideas! Is this how it starts?

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