Tooth "tattoos"

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The Heward Dental Lab in Salt Lake City specializes in "dental tattoos," which are actually custom hand-painted crowns. Owner and main artist Steve Heward is a traditional oil painter too. The artwork on a crown costs between $75 and $500. I don't think I'd want a painted crown in my mouth but I'd love to have a collection of them in my wunderkammer. Link (via Bizarre)

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  1. Soon it will be advertising. GoldenPalace in tiny little letters on the incisors of every kickboxer.

  2. And to think of all the time I’ve spent cleaning my teeth, I’m just so behind the times.

    “Dude, you’ve got a big hunk of spinach in your teeth!”

    “No, that’s my Incredible Hulk tooth tattoo! Pretty cool huh?”

    “Uhh. . .no, not really.”

  3. I would SO have a David Letterman tooth!


    This would go so perfectly with my Paul Shaffer thumb glasses!

  4. Anyone who would have David Letterman on their teeth, or Amy Winehouse for that matter, has problems far beyond the scope of dentistry.

  5. tooth “tattoos” have been around for a long time – these ones just are more elaborate than most. a friend of mine has a crescent moon on one of his crowns that he got 20+ years ago. also – most crowns are on molars, so it isn’t likely that it would be readily visible – more like the hidden bat symbol. it’s a secret!

  6. Has anybody here noticed that none of these tatooed teeth are in anyone’s mouth?
    Think about it.

  7. I don’t recognize the likenesses on the middle row except for Princess Diana (?) and Queen Elizabeth. Who are the other three?

  8. Has anybody here noticed that none of these tatooed teeth are in anyone’s mouth?

    Tattoo teeth are for entertainment purposes only. Chewing not recommended.

  9. i probably wouldn’t get a dead president as a tooth tattoo but i would fer sure get one if i would have known it was possible. its definatly something i want to look into.

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