Andrew Bush's "66 Drives" photographs


From 1989 to 1997 Andrew Bush took photos of people driving in Southern California.

Caption for above photo: Man driving west at 23 mph down a yet-to-be-named dirt road, around lunchtime, during a construction boom in Las Vegas in June of 1989 Link


  1. Yeah the Barbie corvet is freakish, it’s worth the trip to the gallery just to see that.

    These are cool photos, even if they’re a bit creepy. Some of the people really didn’t seem like they wanted to be photographed. The guy was using some sort of flash too (I’m not a photographer at all) because every single picture has a highlight on the car door.

    Oh, yeah, take that UK!!

  2. WOW!!! What are the odds of finding MYSELF in the photos??? Zero in this case, I’m not there. : )

    >>The old lady in the Barbie Corvette is freakish!

    I Dream of Jeannie, Nightmare Edition.

  3. Photo of Angelyne’s Corvette 1
    Photo of Angelyne’s Corvette 2
    Photo of Angelyne
    Angelyne lookin’ rough
    Photo of Angelyne present day I think

    It is her, It’s gotta be. Look at the shape of the nose. These photos are the only ones I can find of here “in the wild” without her nose being covered with sunglasses, her hiding her face (silly hand posing) or a whole bunch of airbrushing going on.

    And I’m focusing on the bridge nose because that’s what bouncers/ID people do to match IDs to faces. Not because I can spot specific plastic surgery jobs ;)

  4. The man in the Porsche is a dead-ringer for Hunter Thompson. A couple of pictures later is definitely Oscar Goldman of The Six Million Dollar Man.

  5. @svenski: I thought I recognized Oscar Goldman (“possibly in character”) but I couldn’t remember his name. He’s a ringer, thats for sure.

    I just love the captions, and I’m wondering if they aren’t some kind of a spoof: “Person driving somewhere in the last decade of the previous millennium (whereabouts unknown)” or the one that says it could possibly be “Phoenix or St. Louis”, that’s a pretty big margin of error.

    Also, some people obviously enjoyed having their picture taken – the guy w/speakers in the convertible, the girl with her eyes closed blowing a kiss.

  6. These pictures are great! Thanks for posting; and yes, Svenski: it could very well be Oscar Goldman, I also recognized that face. I’m getting the book on this series as soon as I can!

  7. Oh, yeah, the pink Corvette is definitely Angelyne. She’s the purest form of celebrity – someone who’s famous for being famous.

    The pink Corvette has vanity plates reading ANGLYNE (because seven letters is the max).

    She’s hard to miss.

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