HOWTO make giant, removable vinyl wall-stickers

Instructables user Britsteiner has posted a great HOWTO for making your own gigantic reusablke vinyl wall-stickers. As the instructions point out, this is perfect for rental places like dormitories or apartments, since you don't need landlord permission and you can take it with when you move.
I tested my sticky stuff on an interior closet wall, and found that my ConTact paper was about as sticky as a Post-It note, if not slightly less. It was almost un-sticky to a fault, which is fine by me, since I don't want to pay for damages on my walls when I move out!) My tape also came up very easily, so I was good to go.
Link (via Craft)


  1. I just wonder if the longer you leave this up, the more difficult it will be to get off. If it’s like other things I’ve tried, you won’t be able to get it off after 3 months without taking some paint off with it.

  2. Looks like he forgot to round the corners in that room. The Hounds of the Tindalos are getting in…

  3. Neat.
    Hope the wall turns out good for you afterwords.
    The design reminds me of The Darkness.)

  4. It’s nice if you’re the kind of person who wants art that terrifies you when you wake up from a nap.

  5. In my experience doing art prep for a small museum, we use vinyl lettering for exhibitions. Sometimes large paragraphs and blocks of text will span areas of 5 meters or more. If the show is up for 3 months the vinyl will peel off easily with a plastic paint scraper. After 6 or more months, especially if direct or indirect sunlight is involved, the vinyl will cling willfully and much elbow greasage is needed for removal. I’ve always been a fan of rasterbator for a quick graphic wall treatment.

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