Space Is The Place t-shirt


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  1. brooklyntwang says:

    but wait – the reflected guitarist seems to be standing on the moon in front of the drummer, but we can see in the picture of the drummer that he is almost as big as the moon and nobody else is on it. What’s going on?

  2. unujnha says:

    its just another perks&mini ripoff..

  3. adric says:

    It’s a photoshop.
    We’ve never been to the moon

  4. eustace says:

    We owe so much to photoshop. Here’s one of my favorites; Oswald Band, Last Live Performance, Dallas 1963

  5. Merlin Silk says:

    And the other way around would be a t-shirt in space, right?

    Huh, there is this cute photo shopped picture where the company in promoting their wares put our astronaut Suni Williams into one of their t-shirts.
    I think, space should be more colorful ;-)

    PS: in the original image Ms. Williams had just finished running the marathon in space.

  6. eustace says:

    Awesome, Merlin Silk! Great image, even cooler story – hard to top where marathon runners gather, wouldn’t you think?

  7. uglyredhonda says:

    Did Sun Ra’s “Space Is the Place” have guitars? If not, they’re obviously playing Sugar’s “Man on the Moon” (“Don’t you know that space is the place”). (Sugar = Bob Mould’s early 90s band.)

  8. BooBerry Bill says:

    If the drummer is on a tiny planet, then how is that image of a larger planet reflecting into helmet?

  9. Anonymous says:

    you guys are nuts!!

  10. Takuan says:

    they photoshopped that part

  11. Gary61 says:

    Takuan #13 ….
    Actually, it’s not photoshopped. How do I know? That’s ME on the drumkit, about 30 years from now (read my profile here on BB), although to play that gig, I had to downsize my rather large Tama drumkit, in order to fit on that tiny little moon / drum riser. Superglue, duct tape, and a pneumatic nailgun helped keep everything from floating away into the aether … and the damn harness holding me to the drum throne kept slipping, so every time I’d smack the cymbal, I’d lift about 8 inches off the chair …

    Hrm … Takuan … Tachyon …. maybe you develeoped the lightspeed transmitter fax machine that allowed this photo to be sent back to us?

  12. Billoney says:

    What kind of Photos do they sell at this “Photo Shoppe”?

  13. Takuan says:

    if you’re good I’ll let you use my shopping buggy. Mind the bags though, do NOT open them.

  14. Toast451 says:

    awesome design, kinda reminds me of a They Might Be Giants music video…

  15. mfwillis says:

    Bullshit that Sun Ra would be proud. Those shirts are galaxies from his aesthetic…and way too commercial and lame, I’d say. I think it would be more appropriate to say that MTV would be proud.

  16. magneticwheels says:

    Have to agree with #2. Sun Ra wouldn’t be too keen on the appropriation of his song title for something so vapid and dippy. Ahhh commercialism.

  17. benwl says:

    I love the clash of pop culture with space exploration. Reminds me of another T-shirt design:
    “Exploration or Extinction”

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