Turn your browser into a bizarro-world TV when nothing's on: Neave Television

Neave's Television applet ("Telly without context") turns your browser into a fast-cutting video screen that embarks on a directionless tour through a bewildering array of really awful, funny, and inexplicable video clips, interspersed with test-patterns. It's like skiing the upper slopes of mount cable while stranded in a foreign land at three in the morning. Flash Link (via JWZ)


  1. I’m watching this as I listen to the new Girl Talk record. Holy crap. Together it all makes even less sense.

    I think I’ve reached a new stage of enlightenment.

  2. @2, “… no new stuff … ”

    Sounds like the fate of our civilization or at least television in general.

  3. someone posted this on /x/ recently. pretty awesome.

    I especially enjoyed “DAAAAVE? DAAAAAAAAVE”.

  4. Any other Aussies reminded of that SBS mind-dredge known as Eat Carpet? I love publically funded broadcasting :).

  5. 20 minute loop,eh? That sounds about right amount of time that most people are away from their machines in 2008.

  6. More WTF?/min than anything I’ve seen this month! The 2001 scene is serious brain-hemorrhage material.

  7. I liked the clip of the Fensler film GI Joe PSA redubs. Now that is some awesome wtf.

    #5 Eat Carpet – weird films and soft porn. Whilst waiting for Rage I seem to recall (or maybe my late night tv all blurred into one).

  8. Reminds me of the scene in Pattern Recognition (right?) by Gibson where people try to mentally surf through changing channels on a television screen.

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