Marijuana's anti-inflammatory compound

New research shows that one of the cannabinoid found in marijuana is an anti-inflammatory that doesn't have the side effect of getting you high. THC also combats inflammation, but that's the stuff that gets you high. However, experiments at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology showed that another cannabis compound, (E)-BCP (beta-caryophyllene), is also an anti-inflammatory but doesn't affect the molecular receptor that makes you feel stoned. Instead it activates only the CB2 receptor which plays a key role in alleviating inflammation. From National Geographic:
 News Bigphotos Images 080624-Marijuana Big Essential oils from cannabis plants – whose leaves and flowers are used to make the marijuana drug – contain up to 35 percent (E)-BCP...

"Our interest is to exploit the pharmacological nature of the CB2 receptor," because it does not have psychotropic side effects, (study author Jürg) Gertsch explained in an email.
Pot as anti-inflammatory


  1. I have been performing daily daily research on this for a number of years now, but have had some trouble removing beta-caryophyllene via my bong…

  2. Shouldn’t we be using this stuff for bio-fuel instead of corn? More oils, more marginal lands used, other uses for fibers left after pressing out oil, no competition with food uses, etc.?

  3. This is a bucket of lies from the liberal elite, of course. It’s common sense that marijuana is the most inflammatory plant around.

  4. good. This of course will make invasive saliva, blood and urine tests no longer usable as weapons for jailing the poor in the Waronsomedrugs/Prison Industry Complex marketing scheme. I look forward to socially responsible physicians prescribing this in quantity. Maybe we could give the tranquillizer industry some competition.

  5. Dear Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
    Once you’re done extracting that beta-caryophyllene, I’d be happy to haul the plant remains away for you.

  6. @#7 posted by Banksynergy:

    B I’ll go get a truck and halp you, two work better than one.

    Welp, that’s it… my knee is a little inflammed from too much bike riding. Then again, fish oil with an enteric coating (filtered for toxins, etc.) seems to work pretty good, but I think I’ll smoke some pot too and see if that helps even more. Considering it’s basically legal here, there’s really no reason not to unless you count in fear of munchies.

  7. Why is it that we always want to divide useful and healthy things into their constituent components and call it “an improvement”? Nutritionists take whole food apart and isolate the “vitamins” and “nutrients”, pack them into little pills and sell them to us. This is just a way for big pharma to control and profit from the distribution of a readily available, natural and when used in moderation healthy product. Don’t buy it. MHO only.

  8. “cannabis plants — whose leaves and flowers are used to make the marijuana drug”

    What exactly is the process for making flowers and leaves into this “marijuana” drug?

  9. Justdisguy,

    You have a point, but the flip side of that is that many plants have useful components that can be purified, even though the whole plant is toxic or otherwise noxious. Plants don’t make the weird alkaloids for our benefit, after all.

    While many people enjoy the effects of THC, I’m sure we can all think of situations where a new anti-inflammatory compound would be useful, but getting stoned would be undesireable.

  10. yep, but let’s take advantage in the short term and conflate the two so those evil bastards that make a living out of ruining the lives of the innocent end up out of work. End marijuana prohibition and see what is driven out into the light where it can be killed.

  11. Nicotine also has anti-inflammatory properties. And both marijuana and nicotine have immunosuppressive effects. But then again, even caffeine has some anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties.

  12. In fact, (tobacco) cigarette smoking is beneficial to sufferers of ulcerative colitis — because nicotine really is anti-inflammatory.

  13. raised as an urban pharmanaut, I always mistrust any so-called drug that doesn’t come in pill or pen form or is devoid of familiar side effects like heart attacks, cancer, liver failure, incontinence, loss of libido, severe birth defects…

    middleclass – very interesting questions – I too am mystified

  14. This news is perfect as a rebuttal to those who can’t see why a pill of synthetic THC is no substitute for the complex array of beneficial chemicals that cannabis produces in abundance. You shouldn’t deny the public such a versatile and powerful medicine just because you can’t treat a plant like a patentable isolated molecule.

  15. #3: Actually you can get both food and fuel oil from hemp seeds: After the oil has been pressed out of the seed, the remaining mush can be used as a meat replacement with much of the same nutritional properties. Mix the stuff with cashews for a damn tasty veggie patty.

  16. I thought marijuana contained nothing but inflammatories. Even the very mention of marijuana is inflammatory!

    Try the fish.

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