Arrow bookends

 08 I 000 F9 E9 2837 1 These cool mid-century arrow bookends just sold on eBay for $75. What a deal! They're brass and blackened steel. I love the design.
Arrow Bookends (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)


  1. Living in earthquake-prone L.A. I prefer to hammer actual large metal arrows through each shelf of books. I can see where this would be more convenient, though.

  2. Or just shoot an arrow through a bunch of Scientology propaganda for the price of a compound bow and a broadhead. Please don’t sue me Tom Cruise, Isaac Hayes, or Nancy Cartwright. Were any of you ever one of Elron’s hotpants clad cigarette girls?

  3. They aren’t in a straight line.

    If you are going to make arrow book ends, it is incumbent on you to make them STRAIGHT for gods sake.

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