Google-themed sari at Delhi mall


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  1. Jamie Sue says:

    I love it. I’d wear it. :)

  2. morgansher says:

    I think it’s a hoot! I’d wear it… if I had a bod anything similar to the mannequins! ;-P

  3. Marshall says:

    There’s something Halloween costume about this, but there’s also something “we’re gonna eat you alive, first world” about it too.

  4. phillamb168 says:

    I guess it really is true, what they say: Working for Google means never having to say you’re sari.

    Bad Cory! Bad! No treat for you!

  5. TonksPlum says:

    Well if you take a close enough look you see a business name on the “Google” search bar.. My guess is that’s the store’s way of advertising you can shop from their online store.

    Just a guess though.

  6. insect_hooves says:

    Well, someone’s feeling lucky. Har har.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Actually a designer named Satya Paul (a famous one in Indian fashion idustry) designed these saris and models walked ramp wearing these… Check this link to see an Indian beauty wrapped in Google!!

    Bangalore, India….

  8. insomma says:

    Where’s the matching cursor clutch?

  9. Glossolalia Black says:

    Damn, now I want one.

  10. BubbaFett says:

    This reminds me of the “clothes of the future” in Idiocracy with product logos all over them.

    Welcome to the future!

  11. Odd One says:

    Who’s sari now?

  12. Billegible says:

    going by the visible text in the search text box at the top (“shop.satya”), a google search (heh) found the designer and sari.
    Satya Paul, the artist, has more fun stuff on his website: .

  13. Billegible says:

    Oh, and you can buy the “Oogle” sari for $299.98 US:

  14. amydaw says:

    Actually the Sari spells Ooogle and has been designed by Indian designer Satya Paul

    Link to a clear view of the Sari -

    You can see some Adsense ads on it also.

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