Fair Copyright for Canada materials to bring to the Calgary Stampede this Saturday

The Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook group is planning a major event for Industry Minister Jim Prentice's appearance at the Calgary Stampede. Prentice is the man responsible for the Canadian DMCA, a bill produced without any consultation that will criminalise Canadians for unlocking their phones and media, even if they do so for entirely legal reasons. Organiser Kempton Lam sez,

We have created a few slogans and info sheets. And may be people attending them can print out a slogan (or make a t-shirt) of one they are most passionate about. The slogans PDF files can be found under their respective directories here.

With much help from Michael Geist, I have created a concise info sheet so when people ask us questions or talk to us, we can hand these sheets out. The PDF file is called Fair Copyright info sheets.pdf.

Link, Non-Facebook Link (Thanks, Kempton!)

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  1. Let’s be clear: The event on Saturday is Jim Prentice’s Stampede Breakfast, which is being held in Kensington area of Calgary.

    I first heard about the event right here on BoingBoing: http://www.boingboing.net/2008/06/19/canadian-industry-mi-2.html#comment-215399

    BTW, that’s Kensington in Calgary, not Kensington Market in Tronna which Alvin and Kurt were trying to hook up with free internet connectivity a few years back.

    Wearing the T-shirt to the Stampede grounds all week sounds like a nice idea, too, but won’t make as big an impact what with all the other shiny pretty flashy things around that they’d have to compete with. Still, there’ll be *lots* of eyeballs wandering about there, so good idea.

    Thanks for blogging this Cory!

  2. In Nelson, BC heading up the valley to the Stampede for the weekend. I need to wear a “No Bill C-61” t-shirt where can I get one?

  3. Good luck to our brothers and sisters in the Great White North. Just get a sharpie and a white T-shirt. You can make it say anything you want without having to shell out more than three bucks. My roommate had an immense collection of crazy T’s. Some were more embarrassing than others. My fave was his “Spoon!” t-shirt, which being the 90s, everyone assumed was an alternative rock group. It really didn’t help too much when he explained it was from The Tick lol. Fun guy to hang out with though.

  4. @#3: Go to the directory which is linked to in the blog entry. Choose the slogan(s) that are most appropriate to you. Download the *reversed* pdf, and print it out on an iron-on transfer, which you can then apply to a white T-shirt.

    Wear it with pride and purpose, and be prepared to articulate why the slogan is true when people start asking you about it.

    Iron-on transfers for ink-jet printers are available from stationery vendors like Staples, and cost around $2/sheet (come in packs with 6 or more). Plain white T-shirts can cost anywhere from $3 to $10 depending on what sort of quality you’re looking for, and where you go to buy them.

    If anyone *does* happen to start silkscreening these (or anything similar), please let us all know, ’cause that would be totally cool.

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