Pac Man cake with cupcake ghosts


5 Responses to “Pac Man cake with cupcake ghosts”

  1. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    I sure hope you didn’t use any clean WATER in that recipe!

  2. NICEGEYSER says:

    This is more than a friend, this is someone you should consider marrying.

  3. insect_hooves says:

    Awww man, no power pellets! A time lapse of Pac-cake being eaten would mirror his animated death sequence.

  4. Kit10inDublin says:

    WOW! Such attention to detail – I hope there’s real love involved and not just for making cakes.

    Very cool and brilliant. But isn’t it WRONG to eat them??? ;-)

  5. Ohmz says:

    I have to say we felt very guilty eating the ghosts, someone suggested that we’d need to eat one of the power pellets before eating them.

    Also next time Jennie says she’ll be making little cherries to have on the board.

    The Time lapse is a good idea, maybe next time…

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