Tardis sheds by the shedload


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  1. Frohickey says:

    Perhaps “Trimming And Raking Devices In Shed”

  2. Cpt. Tim says:

    bizzare. I was just looking up pictures of the tardis on flickr and there were a few of these, then i come here and this is up.

    I was going to make a small one out of balsa wood for shits and giggles.

    I think certain objects in culture contain some perfect balance of color, shape, and personal significance that they become a fixture that even the unfamiliar will realize is something special.

    The police box is one of those objects. I have memories of it going back to before I was old enough to understand the show.

  3. Cpt. Tim says:

    DMcK, there are a few, even fewer that are similar to the model in the show.

  4. billso says:

    Brilliant! I wish I had a yard… or even a basement. I could use the extra storage space.

    Does Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson keep a TARDIS in his yard?

  5. Kit10inDublin says:

    I now this will sound strange, funny and especially odd but a view of a TARDIS out of context sends me into a slightly sexual thrill. These TARDIS shed people are clearly messing with people of my mind minds…

  6. paddy says:

    washington has a whole cult of “Shed Boy’

    i’ve heard shed boy used to describe summer kayaker/windsurfers who descend on neighborhoods around the rivers and live in your shed for the season, but it seems to go well beyond that.

  7. Profession says:

    I hope it’s bigger on the inside.

  8. Stefan Jones says:

    Hey kids!

    Get your Tardis flying model rocket kit.

  9. chicagojohn says:

    someone needs to spray paint the words “bad wolf” on the side of one of those.

  10. anniew says:

    They did say it’s a full-size replica, so…

  11. scionofgrace says:

    Oh, how I want one of those…

  12. romulusnr says:

    Which the Danger Mouse (cartoon, not DJ) episode “Custard” brings full circle, by returning to Earth through a “time traveler’s potting shed”.

  13. DMcK says:

    Are those blue police call boxes still in use?

  14. TonksPlum says:

    I’m gonna have one of these built in my back yard I just haven’t decided if I’ll do it myself or pay some one. I was originally going to convert the attic playroom entrance into a Tardis façade (bigger inside effect rocks) but the hubby wont let me tare into the dry wall… Outside it will have to be.

    /whistles Dr. Who theme music

  15. eustace says:

    Its just an old police box until it does something that makes it a tardis – namely, appear and disappear. If you want to simulate a tardis, make your shed easy to set up and dismantle, then be creative about where you put it.

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