Tardis sheds by the shedload

Uncle Wilco sez, "We have some wonderful sheds on readersheds.co.uk, but the most quirky ones are the Tardis sheds, full size replicas of the Doctor Who's famous time machine, but most are used to store garden tools and not travel through space and time. Now is the time to vote for your favorite shed, be it a Tardis or a normal garden shed you have until Friday the 4th July to Vote." Link (Thanks, Uncle Wilco!)


  1. Which the Danger Mouse (cartoon, not DJ) episode “Custard” brings full circle, by returning to Earth through a “time traveler’s potting shed”.

  2. I’m gonna have one of these built in my back yard I just haven’t decided if I’ll do it myself or pay some one. I was originally going to convert the attic playroom entrance into a Tardis façade (bigger inside effect rocks) but the hubby wont let me tare into the dry wall… Outside it will have to be.

    /whistles Dr. Who theme music

  3. Brilliant! I wish I had a yard… or even a basement. I could use the extra storage space.

    Does Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson keep a TARDIS in his yard?

  4. bizzare. I was just looking up pictures of the tardis on flickr and there were a few of these, then i come here and this is up.

    I was going to make a small one out of balsa wood for shits and giggles.

    I think certain objects in culture contain some perfect balance of color, shape, and personal significance that they become a fixture that even the unfamiliar will realize is something special.

    The police box is one of those objects. I have memories of it going back to before I was old enough to understand the show.

  5. I now this will sound strange, funny and especially odd but a view of a TARDIS out of context sends me into a slightly sexual thrill. These TARDIS shed people are clearly messing with people of my mind minds…

  6. someone needs to spray paint the words “bad wolf” on the side of one of those.

  7. Its just an old police box until it does something that makes it a tardis – namely, appear and disappear. If you want to simulate a tardis, make your shed easy to set up and dismantle, then be creative about where you put it.

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