Video: cross-species love (not what you think)

Animalspecielovvvve BB community member Takeshi brought this lovely video to our attention. And for that, I am eternally grateful.
Animal Friendship Between Different Species (YouTube)


  1. Right, that’s it, Boing Boing has officially jumped the shark and dolphin love-in. Bloglines, unsubscribe!

  2. I fail to understand why my quoting of a relevant line from Kevin Smith’s Clerks II was disenvoweled. Oh well.

  3. Is Boingboing in clinical depression? I’m getting worried about you all. Take it easy on cute animal videos okay?

  4. In the same vein, here’s a pretty cool story about a crow that adopted a stray kitten:

  5. The quote from Clerks II (first post) was disemvoweled? Frankly, that line was my first thought after reading “cross-species love (not what you think)”.

  6. Heh, guys, take it easy on the mods. They’ve had a really hard week. Maybe someone misunderstood something. Anyway. HEY LOOK KITTENS

  7. Jesse- thanks for the link. With the combined force of the latest BB fluff, that, and this, I’m about to melt into a puddle of goo.

  8. No kidding, Miss Jardin. I’m definitely thinking we need a ‘mod appreciation day’, in which everyone is cordial, kind, and respectful to each other, requiring no disemvowelment. Three cheers for the mods!

    Ah, while we’re at it we should go for zero pollution. If I just treble-posted, that would be because my FF browser spawned three ‘Comment Submitted’ windows somehow.

  9. Heh, guys, take it easy on the mods. They’ve had a really hard week. Maybe someone misunderstood something. Anyway.

    Sorry Xeni, Teresa; I could have guessed it was a “don’t get any dirty in my cute” thing. Not trying to rub salt in anyone’s wounds.

    (My favorite is still the pack of puppies; I must have watched that at least 5 times since it was posted.)

  10. @zuzu those puppies were the best thing ever. I might post that like 10 times again.

  11. What about Pomeranian puppies eating bacon? Is that Boing worthy? Because if so, my Pom-pom is going to get very very pudgy. He eats bacon in the Most Adorable (TM) Manner Ever.

  12. The music is a remix of “Ordinary Things” by Blossom Dearie, also known for singing several Schoolhouse Rock songs.

    This particular mix was used in the Little Girl Giant videos, as well.

  13. They’ve had a really hard week.

    Nothing a day off and some fire in the sky won’t help with. Happy Independence Day everyone!

  14. So cute and fresh !!

    And Human ? Could they be friend with Alien races ?

  15. I duuno, the dog with the monkey on his back looked a little nervous. Maybe even jumpy.

  16. In the above YouTube vid, I like that the announcer says at 0:52, “You’ve got your cameras, it’s all right; take all the pictures you want.”

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