New eBoy Peecol figures

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Our friends at eBoy, creators of BB's mascots including the lovely and talented Jackhammer Jill, released their latest in the Peecol line of toy figures. My favorite is Rilla, the diaper-wearing gorilla! They're $9.95 each from Kidrobot. eBoy Peecol (Kidrobot)


  1. A little off (side) topic:

    Anyone know what the most recent pixorama, “KHT_Arla_06s”, is for?

    I collect these eBoy ‘pixorama’ PNG files, and I don’t much care for the names that eBoy gives them, so I usually rename them to something more meaningful.

    Anyone know what this one is for?

    It’s got a lot to do with milk …

    And while we’re at it, how about this one?

  2. Well, the description says “poster for milk dispensers for Arla”, and I happen to know that Arla is a dairy company – I guess that should be all you need to know?

  3. #2

    Ah yes indeed.

    And using your magic “description reading” technique, I have surmised that that the ship-bitb* poster is for BitBurger


    (sorry for being stupid)

  4. Sorry David, that was our fault. I just added the descriptions — they were missing when you posted your first comment.

  5. What is the significance (if any) of the name Peecol? I can imagine some things, but I have to plead ignorance. What’s the poop?

  6. Jake0748- I’m with you. I love BoingBoing, but I think you need to belong to a special club to fully get the terminology sometimes. I’m sure that the people who do understand it feel very special.

  7. @SCHWAL (#7), Yes, way better link. I’ll change the post. Thanks!

    @JAKE0748, @BENDER, I’m not sure what Peecol means either! I think it’s just an eBoy term!

  8. @cow6oy(#4) Thanks for clarifying, I was pretty sure I had looked for descriptions previously – It is nice to know that I am not going insane!

    @JAKE0748(#5), @BENDER(#6) I am nearly certain that peecol stands for “Collectable People”. Also, if I remember correctly, the body parts are made to be easily mixed and matched with other peecols to create your own beastly hybrids like, say, the very-desirable Gorilla Nurse!.

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