New eBoy Peecol figures


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  1. cow6oy says:

    @JAKE0748, @BENDER, Peecol is a made up name. We started to use it for a modular picture building kit years ago. When we started to develop the toy with Kidrobot we adapted the modular concept.

    I think Jackhammer Jill, the first mascot here at BB, was created with our Peecol Font by Mark.

    Here’s a longer eBoy interview about the toy by Paul Budnitz btw.

  2. DavidPFarrell says:

    A little off (side) topic:

    Anyone know what the most recent pixorama, “KHT_Arla_06s”, is for?

    I collect these eBoy ‘pixorama’ PNG files, and I don’t much care for the names that eBoy gives them, so I usually rename them to something more meaningful.

    Anyone know what this one is for?

    It’s got a lot to do with milk …

    And while we’re at it, how about this one?

  3. djn says:

    Well, the description says “poster for milk dispensers for Arla”, and I happen to know that Arla is a dairy company – I guess that should be all you need to know?

  4. DavidPFarrell says:


    Ah yes indeed.

    And using your magic “description reading” technique, I have surmised that that the ship-bitb* poster is for BitBurger


    (sorry for being stupid)

  5. cow6oy says:

    Sorry David, that was our fault. I just added the descriptions — they were missing when you posted your first comment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the Village People to me!

  7. Jake0748 says:

    What is the significance (if any) of the name Peecol? I can imagine some things, but I have to plead ignorance. What’s the poop?

  8. chopp3r says:

    Hummels for hipsters!

  9. Bender says:

    Jake0748- I’m with you. I love BoingBoing, but I think you need to belong to a special club to fully get the terminology sometimes. I’m sure that the people who do understand it feel very special.

  10. DavidPFarrell says:

    @cow6oy(#4) Thanks for clarifying, I was pretty sure I had looked for descriptions previously – It is nice to know that I am not going insane!

    @JAKE0748(#5), @BENDER(#6) I am nearly certain that peecol stands for “Collectable People”. Also, if I remember correctly, the body parts are made to be easily mixed and matched with other peecols to create your own beastly hybrids like, say, the very-desirable Gorilla Nurse!.

  11. cinemajay says:

    They remind me of the Village People.

  12. schwal says: would have been a more accurate link. Love kidrobot though.

  13. David Pescovitz says:

    @SCHWAL (#7), Yes, way better link. I’ll change the post. Thanks!

    @JAKE0748, @BENDER, I’m not sure what Peecol means either! I think it’s just an eBoy term!

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