Steampunk Soviet gas-mask

This brass and leather Soviet gas-mask is the genuine article, not a steampunk fetish-fashion prop (though, of course, it could be both). Link (via Wired Gadget Lab)

Update: I take it back: it's a sculpture from the Ukraine, on sale on eBay


  1. And according to the website, they created the item USING a gas-mask. Whether or not it still works is debatable. It most likely is just a steampunk fetish-fashion prop.

    It looks cool though.

  2. Looking at the lined site, I think it very much is a steampunk fetish-fashion prop rather than an original item (cool as that would have been).

    Am I the only one reminded of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen from Hellboy?

  3. I think this where Kanye West got his idea for those ridiculous sunglasses he wears.

  4. I think I need to get one of those and wear it when I play Fallout 3 by the end of the year.

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  6. #15: I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be. Way to go Cory. Enjoy it!

    Mmmm… Been listening to LastFM radio on the steampunk tag for the last two days at work. It’s a strangely wonderful mish-mash of post-rock, neofolk, dark caberet and movie soundtracks (or similar dramatic orchestral pieces about airships). Abney Park (already featured on BB gadgets for their amazing steampunk gear) and Vernian Process are well worth checking out, along with most of the bands tagged with steampunk.

  7. I was convinced by an email from William Gibson, “It’s an awesome piece of work. Probably the single best Steampunk objet
    I’ve seen.

    And it made me notice, suddenly, that Steampunk is more directly
    ‘Gibsonian’ to the extent that it consists of *collaged gomi*

    This mask is, in itself, a very fine example of collage.” (Quoted with permission)

  8. Love this, and immediately thought of Hellboy.

    @Dianogah, are you informing artists that their creative work is derivative and therefore a waste of time and effort? Now THAT’S original. What’s sad is that you think that what makes some people happy should be different, or should suit your idea of worthwhile activity.

  9. Wow! That mask reminds me of Doctor Steel! It’s like an industrial/steam-punk robot of World Domination!

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