Casio keyboard-controlled table hockey


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  1. Hugh says:

    can you tell which one is rosie?

  2. rband says:

    I wish this was posted in ART instead of Gadgets. Graeme is an amazing artist. Check out his website

  3. proto says:

    Love the ‘JumboTron’!

  4. Ugly Canuck says:

    Now this…ah-ha…this is a work of ART!

  5. permafrost says:

    That thing scares me. Don’t know why… it just scares me.

  6. theatgrex says:

    A beautiful homage to one of the greatest movies ever made.

  7. TheFishmonger says:

    “Beauty, eh? Hey, that song’s making them fight, eh? Do it again.”

    God, I love Shakespeare

  8. pepsi_max2k says:

    :oO wow i sold a hokey game just like that on ebay a few months ago. great game it was too :o) not as good as organ version though :o(

  9. cubby96 says:

    Why don’t the comments from the BB Gadgets post also show up here?

    • Antinous says:

      Different databases. It’s quite confusing if you comment in one thread and then check the other thread and can’t find your comment.

  10. Moon says:

    This is an artsy-fartsy thing rather than a game thing, right? If it was a game thing, you would need TWO keyboards.

    I’m thinking a bunch of guys in black turtlenecks saw some dudes playing table hockey and said “Ooh, we can do something artsy with that”

    /I could be wrong, though.

  11. Gev says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who immediately thought of the movie Strange Brew after reading about this.

  12. spinach says:

    This is the greatest thing I, a humble hoser, have ever seen. Now, I better get back to frying up the back bacon before the old lady tells me to take off.

  13. Mazoola says:

    Here‘s a nice article on the art-meets-hockey show where this was displayed.

  14. Gary61 says:

    Where are all the bloodthirsty drunk fans in da stands?

  15. OM says:

    …Now, if someone could figure out the same mashup for one of those vibrating football games!

    Still, beauty, eh? :-)

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