Casio keyboard-controlled table hockey

Over at BB Gadgets, John spotted this "Hockey Organ" in which a hacked vintage Casio keyboard controls the action on a table hockey game. Graeme Patterson was the maker. Hockey Organ (Matrixsynth, via BB Gadgets) photos of the Hockey Organ (


  1. “Beauty, eh? Hey, that song’s making them fight, eh? Do it again.”

    God, I love Shakespeare

  2. :oO wow i sold a hokey game just like that on ebay a few months ago. great game it was too :o) not as good as organ version though :o(

    1. Different databases. It’s quite confusing if you comment in one thread and then check the other thread and can’t find your comment.

  3. This is the greatest thing I, a humble hoser, have ever seen. Now, I better get back to frying up the back bacon before the old lady tells me to take off.

  4. …Now, if someone could figure out the same mashup for one of those vibrating football games!

    Still, beauty, eh? :-)

  5. This is an artsy-fartsy thing rather than a game thing, right? If it was a game thing, you would need TWO keyboards.

    I’m thinking a bunch of guys in black turtlenecks saw some dudes playing table hockey and said “Ooh, we can do something artsy with that”

    /I could be wrong, though.

  6. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who immediately thought of the movie Strange Brew after reading about this.

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