Elfquest to become a movie?

Tavie sez, Possibly spurred by the new interest generated when Elfquest started offering their entire series for free online - Hollywood Reporter says that after almost 30 years of false start, Elfquest is finally going to become a movie. I'm cautiously, but intensely, excited. This series was originally designed with animation in mind, so a good, traditionally-animated feature film with the creators' involvement/blessing will be a dream come true for a lot of fans."

"Elfquest," the cult comic by Wendy and Richard Pini, is heading to the big screen courtesy of Warners Bros. and Rawson Thurber.

Thurber will write, direct and produce the feature, whose format is undetermined.

Link (Thanks, Tavie!)

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  1. Elfquest should have been made into a movie a long, long time ago. Serious potential to be a big hit and different enough from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars – and most scifi/fantasy – to stand out.

  2. I think the fanfilm was postponed due to the director’s personal obligations. Someone else tried picking up the mantle, but I don’t think they’ve done much with it.

  3. Sweet – I think I still have an old Elfquest #1 somewhere – would be fun to see this turned into a movie.

  4. I had some pretty good EQ comics back in the day, but not enough to get a good sense of the world. DM75 (#2) makes me think I should look back into it :)

    [meta] I didn’t think Tavie needed vowel removal, she just pointed out the obvious, in a humorous way [/meta]

    1. I didn’t mean it as a criticism of Tavie. It just seemed like the next stage in the conceptual art process. Plus, we’re having a lot of off-topic sniping this week and I didn’t want to leave any crumbs lying around.

  5. I’m cautiously excited. They’ve been talking about this since I started reading EQ in the early 80’s. I hope it really happens this time.

    I missed the earlier post about them making all the EQ material available for free online. That is extremely cool. I’ll have to check it out.

    However, I think calling Elfquest the “oldest independent comic” is pretty misleading, if not downright false. That could only be a true statement using qualified definitions of both the terms “oldest” and “independent” I’m curious how you are defining EQ as such.

  6. Years ago, I knew a girl who was absolutely fanatical for ElfQuest. Unfortunately, she also believed – truly believed – that the characters existed all around her. As she grew up, her mind mercifully grew to accept reality, though I don’t think she still fully accepts that Skywise isn’t really hiding in her closet.

    So every time I see something related to ElfQuest, I am reminded of that very strange (but still friendly) girl. I would love to see her current, adult reaction to an ElfQuest movie. I can just imagine her geting all glassy-eyed and distant.

    Otherwise, I’m sure the movie would be pretty cool. I know I’d have to see it at least once.

  7. @Antinous, no hard feelings – my first, and I hope last disemvoweling, for off-topic clucking was justified.

    @Pahool – I think the “oldest” was just a mistype on Cory’s part in the original post. I said “one of the oldest” in my suggest-a-link message.

    Crossing my fingers that this time the movie goes ahead with swords flashing and wolves howling, and what-not.

  8. Pahool, that was brought up in the original comment thread. As I pointed out then, Elfquest (1978) is actually the third-oldest indie comic, after Dave Sim’s Cerebus (1977) and Jack Katz’s The First Kingdom (1975).

  9. @Tavie – I’d agree with “one of the oldest” but I think it would be more accurately characterized as “one of the oldest still in print” since independent comics were around long before EQ was on the scene (I think their first issue was 1978?)

    Elfquest has also been printed by both Marvel and DC at various points, so, while I don’t know the full details of the Pini’s licensing agreements with the big boys, some might consider the use of the term “independent” to be a somewhat strained one.

    Of course, I’m nitpicking here, and should probably be working instead of being a jerk. I loved EQ when I was younger, and it’s probably worth re-visiting the series again. I lost interest after the initial 20-issue series and I know there’s been a LOT of EQ material since then (I think I still have my copy of the EQ RPG around somewhere) I really hope the movie happens this time.

  10. Does “Independent” have some special meaning that I’m not aware of? Do the underground comics of the 60’s not count as “independent?”

  11. …It would be interesting to see this finally pulled off. The Pinis have been bouncing a cartoon version around for almost as long as the Wolfriders have been in print, but nothing’s ever come from all the hype. To make it work, however, it needs to keep the same look’n’feel of Wendy’s art – which means *no* attempts to tweak it towards anime -or- Hanna-Barbera styling. It also needs to maintain the same adult level of storytelling, which means lots of necessary death, emotional sex including the occasional group orgy, and expositional dialog on the nature of short lives vs long ones. Dumbing down Elfquest for a cartoon would be even more destructive than all the “time jumping” and other directional deviations in the 90’s that had me dumping EQ altogether.

    Still, I really hope Wendy & Richard finally pull this off. Otherwise, Wendy’s going to have to start appearing at conventions dressed as Red Sonja again as an act of penance…:-)

  12. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Elfquest seems a bit cursed in all arenas. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see this go into production hell.

    Also, I doubt it will be traditional animation at all. I doubt it would even be digital 2D work. Hollywood seems to have decided that if it isn’t 3D, it isn’t worth making.

    Basically, I refuse to get at all excited until I see a trailer with a “Coming to theaters” date on it.

  13. Seeing this rocketed me straight back to 1985, and sitting at my friend’s house reading her back issues of ElfQuest. What a great blast from the past.

  14. Part of me is ecstatic at the prospect, but the other part says, “ONLY if it’s done right.” Only if it maintains the standards of the comic, as OM said.

    I fell in love with ElfQuest in 1986, my junior year in high school. I’d stopped at the E-Z Mart, known to locals as Sleazy Mart, and I checked over the minimal selection of comics in the magazine stand, as I already did. The issue I picked up was the one with Cutter holding a preserver out in front of him and trying to shield himself from the spoo.

    I showed it to my best friend, and the two of us picked up an underclassman follower based on our mutual love of comics, EQ in particular. I found a heroine and role model in Wendy Pini, because before the realities of the harsh world became apparent, I too wanted to be a female fantasy artist.

    I have everything in graphic novel format and reading those books can still transport me back to that feeling of being 16 and having found the most amazing dream world.

  15. Please don’t desecrate the memory of ElfQuest like they did with the Dragonlance movie. Gawds, the Dragonlance animation was terrible. Reminded me of most of the crappily animated Hannah Barbara cartoons from the 80’s.

    Sigh. Keep up those production values, please!

  16. I too am very excited over the prospect of an EQ movie. But, I too am worried that they won’t keep it true to the beauty and imagination of the comic books. I almost panicked when I saw the guy that’s going to be writing the movie is the same guy that wrote the screenplay for “Dodgeball”. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t seem to be a glowing reference to me. I’ve loved EQ since I was a small child, and I’m really hoping that Hollywood doesn’t mess it up.

  17. I can’t wait for the movie! I have been a fan since I was 5 years old. I love the Elfquest comics!!

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