Rube Goldberg cocktail-mixing machine

This Rube Goldberg machine makes sheer delight out of the process of mixing a Falling Water ( 30mls (1Oz) 42BELOW Feijoa Vodka, lemonade, long slice of seedless cucumber, ice) -- it comes from Joseph Herscher, the same genius who made the Cadbury Creme Egg smasher. Link (Thanks, Sacha!)

See also: Rube Goldberg Cream Egg killer


  1. The only thing I’d change about this guy’s stuff is adding a second camera – one to record the overview shot, and the other to follow the action up close. Take the footage and edit it together – the quick zooms make my brain melt!

  2. The falling water is such a delicious, refreshing drink. This guy named Christian McCabe at Matterhorn in Wellington came up with it and in NZ we use a local “chinese herbal drink” called Chi [The drink that knows it’s own name, cue ad with someone opening the fizzy bottle which makes a chhhhh sound) which is drier than lemonade and less sweet. But not sure if you can buy chi anywhere else in the world.

  3. Wow! Even if it takes long, I would not notice at all because the mixing is just amusing :)

    This guy’s a genius

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