Carafes like antlers


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  1. Moon says:

    If you have to ask how to clean it, you can’t afford it.

    /It’s a “design” thing, people. It’s not supposed to make sense or be useful. Sheesh.

  2. Andreas says:

    I think that if you can afford €2000 (and up) carafes you can afford to hire the pixies needed to clean them as well.

  3. yannish says:

    Art glass, now this is something I understand.

    Drioli and Luxardo had been doing similar things fin the 50′s and 60′s, working with the artisans of Murano to create wine carafes in weird and wonderful shapes.

    for an example of an Egypitan Head Luxardo Carafe:

    Luxardo is still around:

    and a Drioli Swan decanter from the 60′s

    I wish companies were still doing this type of stuff.

  4. TheBuckett says:

    haha, ok. I know this is going to really scream stereo type , but I think that would be a really great flask to serve maple syrup in.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Looks like I found a new vessel to drink TruBlood out of.

  6. Alys says:

    I wouldn’t dare even have that in my flat, not with two cats running around. Looks cool though.

  7. Hanglyman says:

    Looks fun to use, and insanely difficult to clean afterwards.

  8. toolbag says:

    Yeah, you’d need a 3′ pipe cleaner and a lot of patience to keep it from being permanently tinted red. I don’t think it’d do much for oxygenating the wine either with so little surface area.

    But, my god are they beautiful. If someone were to give me one as a gift I’d certainly use it (every time they came over).

  9. Takuan says:

    what? you can’t just lick out the dregs?

  10. Takuan says:

    just fill with TSP solution, let stand and rinse

  11. Anonymous says:

    antlers? First thing that I thought of was arteries and blood veins. Maybe fractals.

  12. kyoorius says:

    would look pretty neat if you dropped chips of dry ice down to the bottom of each branch, then filled with liquid… or alka seltzer if the bubbling was too violent..

  13. Randwulf says:

    With the antler-like look this would be perfect for holding your Jagermeister!

  14. IvyMike says:

    Dishwasher safe?

  15. febryle says:

    As a art lover, this is quite cool. As a wine drinker, this is simply silly. For proper aeration, you want as much surface area as possible in contact with air. Hence, most decanters are wide at the bottom. This piece would accomplish little, but it sure does look cool

  16. chimera says:

    It puts me in mind of a Fulgarite

  17. lakelady says:

    antlers? ok, but looks like blood vessels to me.

  18. Takuan says:

    you mean it’s not intended for ichor?

  19. Lobster says:

    Very cool but I do agree it’d be maddening to clean and very easy to break (and if it breaks a little it breaks a lot). On the other hand it would go well with my hills like white elephants.

  20. sacha says:

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  21. Pipenta says:


    Seems more like tree roots or branches or even coral to me than antlers.

    It wants a prettier stopper.

  22. buddy66 says:

    Man, that’s a long way from a Venice West oceanwalk bench and a 99 cent half gallon of Red Mountain. Sigh.

  23. membrain says:

    They look more like veins to me and please allow me to say that these are EF-ing amazing!! Thanks Cory for posting!

  24. jonathan_v says:

    They’re carafes, not decanters.

    They also look a lot more like bronchial tubes to me too.

  25. WarLord says:


    Saw this on Iron Chef it was the Milk challenge and this antler thingy was filled with milk

    They were not that damn careful with it so it might be lab glass

    Certainly looked stylish in kitchen stadium

    Enjoy the journey


  26. adam says:

    #8 right on. These sure look cool, but not terribly useful for wine.

  27. Allegra says:

    I can picture the Master drinking out of it in a Buffy episode.

  28. anthropomorphictoast says:

    @#10: That’s what I was thinking.
    Put that with the anatomically correct heart chocolate, and you have a romantic evening set for that special cardiologist in your life.

  29. dculberson says:

    If it’s Pyrex or other lab grade glass-like-material, then it would actually be pretty damn tough and not that easy to break.

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