Amazing videos shot with consumer grade HD video cameras

Andrew Heart of Panopticist says:
Amateurs are doing amazing things these days with consumer-grade high-def camcorders, especially Canon's HV30 MiniDV unit (which retails for about $800) and its predecessor, the HV20. [This] impressive clip is the work of a Memphis college student named Kyle Shields, who acquired a new audio library and wanted to test out some of the gunshot sounds.

There's a whole channel on Vimeo devoted to people's experiments with Canon's HV30 and HV20 camcorders.

I like this one. You keep expecting it to be a commercial for insurance or some kind of medicine, but it's a guy trying out his camera techniques on his annoyed wife, who just wants to be left in peace so she can go through the coupons in the Sunday paper. Link


  1. So, in all seriousness, would anyone recommend getting this, or an HV100? I had no idea they had become so cheap.

  2. I don’t own ANY cameras, Joel, but from what I can tell, the neatest results are coming from setting the camera to 24p or some kind of cinema mode and then doing color correction with Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant Software.

  3. I have two HV20s.

    Don’t get me wrong – it’s an amazing camera. But by no means should you expect this kind of quality video from it, out of the box, with the $800 price tag.

    The HV20 footage above was shot with a 35mm adapter – basically, a way to mount a pro movie camera lens onto the consumer camera. These adapters – with lens – usually cost about, oh, anywhere from $1000-2000 dollars, and they require additional light (which is not always an option for filmmakers shooting cinema verite footage.)

    While the HV20/30 is a great camera, you just can’t get results like this out-of-the-box.

  4. For what it’s worth, picture quality can’t make a movie good. Think more about whats going on in front of the camera then whats going on inside it….


    Segment Producer, BBtv

  5. I have an HV20 and a cheap (static, NEEDS to be dustfree) adapter which uses old Nikon lenses. The adapter and a lens cost only about 200 bucks and does a decent job if you only use fast lenses and use them fast.

    You definitely want at least 4 times as much light while using a fast lens and a DOF adapter though.

  6. I recently bought a Canon HF-10 which does 24 and 1080i HD. The camera is flash based so there is no tape and while the video is AVCHD you can edit it on the latest iMovie and FCP if you happen to be on the Mac side of things.

  7. It’s nice to know that he used all that technical knowledge and ambition to produce absolute crap.

  8. @ Haters,

    If you thought that it was crap, why did you watch it? I thought that the kids with guns one was amazing. I’m pretty sure that they were battling over the ethics of having a lawn.

  9. Man. Clipping coupons while your man tests out his pricy new toy… I detect a joke here.

  10. A friend and I had talked about making a little short with airsoft guns and adding muzzle flashes with photoshop a few years ago. We have been beaten by suburban 13 year olds. Sad day. :(

  11. ok hi im guthrie from the video and no we are not (13) lol im 19 and so is he so… ya .. any way ty all for your comments on the video and i any of you have any ideas you would like to share feel free.. my e-mail .. … please if you do please add a sub. or ill just mark as spam . once again ty all this realy made are day!! P.S. I realy can shoot iv been shooting for about 16 years going on 17 year… i love guns and im sorry if you thing thats bad …. ty

  12. Amen, commenter #11.

    Still, with the potential of that camera setup and a fertile imagination, I think those guys could pull some pretty damn awesome Evil Dead type stuff.
    Heck, even that coupon-clipping one had me riveted to see what would happen next.

  13. Excellent channel on Vimeo. Bizarrely, I hadn’t come across it before. Definitely going to add a link from my site http://www.hv30.c.k
    I’m keeping an eye on the best prices for the HV30 in the UK

  14. @ Haters,

    If you thought that it was crap, why did you watch it?

    Antinous, calling something “crap” may not be the most profound of reviews, but it expresses his feelings, his own simple opinion. His crap is no more profound a statement than “haters” is. I love BoingBoing. I love Glass Houses.

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