eBay auction for Bigfoot hunter's services


9 Responses to “eBay auction for Bigfoot hunter's services”

  1. Nick Shogun says:

    It doesn’t help that he has ZERO feedback. Just another fool looking for quick cash.

  2. bubbleman says:

    I already found Bigfoot. I’ve got video of him feeling up my girlfriend.

  3. FourFiveFire says:

    …what in God’s name is the $15.95 shipping for?

  4. GauchoAmigo says:

    This guy is in for some stiff competition from these guys http://royandgil.com/

  5. brownhb says:

    this is the best scam. If I was a gogillionaire I’d throw some cash this guy’s way.

  6. GonzoMultiverse says:

    Sounds like the plot for a Larry the Cable Guy movie. Heh…wait a second…maybe this is one of those Hollywood viral marketing ploys that’s all the rage right now. I caught them this time! I swore never again…

  7. BuildUupBuzzKill says:

    would you give $150,000 to somebody who obviously didnt have to, but chose to end there screenname in 69 69… most definitely a true professional

  8. slywy says:

    Nothing says amateur like amatuer.

  9. Kibble says:

    “Nothing but pure amatuers.”


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