Pedo-crazed parents call father a "pervert" for photographing his own children at a park

Munkcy sez, "A dad took his boys to a park and was photographing them as then slid down a slide. An attendee at the slide asked him to stop, he protested, other parents also started telling him to stop, with one even accusing him of taking pictures of children to put on the internet. And here's the truly fun part: he, the accused, got two cops who backed up his claim that he was doing nothing wrong."
He said: ‘The children wanted to go on an inflatable slide and I started taking photos of them having a good time. Moments later the woman running the slide told me to stop.

‘When I asked why, she told me I could not take pictures of other people’s children. I explained I was only interested in taking photos of my own children and pointed out that this was taking place in a public park.

‘I showed her the photos I had taken to prove my point. Then another woman joined in and said her child was also on the slide and did not want me taking pictures of the youngster.

Link (Thanks, Munkcy!)


  1. I was waiting for something like that to happen in this photo-paranoid world … I also get some looks since I always take pics of my boy and as a stay at home dad I am usually the only man on the playground, which is already suspicious enough.

    Sigh !!!

  2. As soon as I saw the headline, my first thought was: “This must have happened in the UK.” Turns out that I’m right.

    What a great reputation to have…

  3. What the hell is this country coming to? It’s a public place. If you don’t want people looking at your daughter or son or hermaphrodite midget on a leash, stay out of public places. People feel like they have a right to not be offended, and it’s sickening.

  4. Some claim that many immune disorders (like hayfever) happen because modern sanitation doesn’t give the immune system enough to work on. I often wonder if some people just have a certain amount of worrying to do, and will do it about something idiotic when they’re out of real worries.

  5. Woops – didn’t notice the in the URL apparently. Regardless, my statement still stands, for both the U.S. and the U.K.

  6. Caipirina: Carry a BlackBerry on a hip holster, and occasionally type furiously on it, or bitch and moan about something office-like into it. Act uninterested in your child. You’ll then match the “father” archetype the soccer moms have in their head, and they’ll leave you be.

  7. When I first read the headline I saw “Prevert” and thought it was funny/ironic, etc.

    Also, as a former stay-at-home dad, I know what you mean about getting the funny looks at the playground…

  8. I am seeing a PSA starring Iron Eyes Cody tearfully riding a horse past people taking photos in parks, on the beach, at zoos. “People start photography… people can stop it.”

  9. “Oh. Ok, can I have your name? That way when my kid thinks I don’t love them because there are no pictures of him as a child, I’ll pass it along.”

  10. Ug. Anyone think if this was a mother taking pictures that no one present would have said a thing?

    Somewhere, maybe a year ago, I saw a news article about how this culture of fear has stopped many guys from volunteering to work with kids. Due to this assumption that a man showing interest in children must mean he’s a pervert so that sometimes kids organizations, like soccer, struggle to get coaches and other volunteers. It’s very sad guys get so brutally stereotyped by paranoid women with too much time on their hands.

  11. It is rather sad. My wife worked as a lunch supervisor at an elementary school. Being a “small town” person and having a flock of younger siblings in her youth she would give crying kids who’d bumped heads or dropped their deserts a hug or pat on the back. Her supervisor said that just wasn’t done – there would be no touching whatsoever.

    From this I assume that the proper thing to do if you find a child needing help is to review the situation and determine f there is a non-contact way of helping them. If not, just walk away or phone 911 to have properly trained and bonded staff initiate human to human contact – providing parental permission has been arranged.

  12. #13 Zombie is exactly right. This is the underlying assumption that all males are predators finding expression via the mechanism of anti-terrorist paranoia in a surveillance state. Thanks, Dworkin!

  13. I’m a single, childless amateur photographer whose house is half a block away from an elementary school. It’s pretty much only a matter of time for me to get some knocks on the door or the neighbors take up torches and pitchforks and run me out of town.

  14. I am a woman, (hence the name, cranky old woman) and my grandson is on a junior soccer league. So, every Saturday morning, I go to take pictures of his game, and I am subject to a lot of evil looks as well. It’s kinda difficult to take just pics of him, when there are nine other kids on the field. I took some pics of him once playing with the next door neighbors, and when I gave some copies to the parents, they were quite rude, and told me they did not want me to photograph their boys. I was hurt, stunned and insulted. But, I am trying to decide how I might have reacted were I in their shoes. Must I be constantly sizing everyone I meet with a camera as a child molester? I guess I can no longer assume others good intentions.

  15. In a recent thread, AGF provided this link to a UK Guardian article by Cory D. “The Odds Are Stacked Against Us”.

    The article opens with: “The single most pernicious threat to liberty today is humanity’s natural tendency to misunderstand the statistics of rare events. We’re just not wired to have good intuition about things that happen with extreme infrequency.”

  16. this, unfortunately, is a media thing. the irony of increased fear of paedophiles because they’re more in the public eye (and more at risk of exposure) is something that the ‘daily mail’ and their ilk miss.

    b.t.w – boing-boing, if you become a subsidiary of the daily mail like neatorama, you’re dumped.

  17. Ah, good catch, Foetusnail. I’ve got that article bookmarked, and it was the first thing I thought of after reading this article, and was thus the first thing I was going to post here.

  18. Living in fear allows the real monsters to have power over you. Take that power back. “Fear is the mind killer…” (Frank Herbert)

    1. bubbleman,

      I know that you were being humorous. I hope that you were being humorous. But, no.

  19. I really wish aliens would invade, or we’d get a zombie outbreak, so we can all start caring about something other than whether or not a kid should be photographed on a slide. Is that too much to ask?

  20. My friend was taking pictures of me at a park while i was wandering around looking at flowers under the influence of something or other. Some little (adoreable) demon kid ran up and started throwing grass at us. Whatever, He wasn’t hurting us and we were laughing about it. So my friend starts taking pictures of the kids, and THEN the mom comes over.

    Guess which aspect of the situation concerned her most? Her kid throwing shit at strangers? or photography.

    As long as kids are fucking adoreable, shutterbugs will take pictures of them.

  21. Next thing I know, when I’m at work at a coffee shop and give a corn-syrupy “coffee” drink to a pubescent girl and smile as I do so, I’ll probably be slapped by a Skim Vanilla Latte drinking woman who has let the bleach leach her brains out.

    Does anybody know how the number of arrests for pedophilia-related crimes compare to things like child neglect?

  22. I used to be a nanny years ago for a single mother and her two children. I am a large hairy man. One day her father came over while she was at work and told me that he didn’t want me to take care of the children any more. I told him that he would need to talk to her about that and she was the only person (other than the state who was technically my employer) that could fire me. He told me if I didn’t leave right then and there that he would call 911 and tell them he just caught me molesting the little girl. I called her at her work immediately, told her I had to leave and that her father would explain, handed him the phone and walked out.

  23. @Bonnie #25: The next step after that is pedophile zombies.

    Just a bunch of undead wandering around saying “children…” ::in deep, slow zombie voice::

  24. Stop taking pictures, you’re making the sky fall down!!!

    (for the IT Crowd – You’re killing the Rainforest!)

  25. In the US it will soon be illegal for adult males to talk with anyone under the age 18 unless they are a relative or you have their parent’s permission. Clearly you are either a pedo or into minors if you do chat with them about any subject.

  26. I have kids and I refuse to put them on the internet, but two of my son’s friends parents are idiots and literally put up pictures of the kids on the internet with names and references to our neighborhood on them. Totally ignoring my wishes in the matter. My wife and another kid’s mother asked him to take down the photos or take down all identifying information and he created a big stink about “paranoia.”

    Regardless of how “rare” these incidents are, since 1995 at least 5 men were arrested for exposing themselves in public parks in our city. And I’ve been in public parks where I’ve turned around and frightened two extremely freaky men who were sexually harassing the non-English speaking Nannies by asking them dirty questions. One guy literally ran away from me at top speed, turning around and looking at me, leaving his hat and newspaper behind. I don’t know what he was doing! I just turned around and looked at him trying to talk to some African nanny! This happened twice in 5 years, so it’s not common, but you’d be ignorant to think it never happens.

    But I know this, the only people who I ever saw hanging around a children’s playground without children were either the two weird men or half a dozen elderly women who would come up and talk to me about how much they missed their grandkids. The difference in the women was that they would come up and offer explanations as to why they were reading their book there.

    I never had any issues taking pictures of my kids in the parks, but I always just took pictures of my kids.

  27. @#13: As a father, I hear you…but the stats I’ve seen indicate that men are on the order of 20 times more likely to commit sex crimes (er, or any crime) than women are.

    It sucks that men are stereotyped, and it’s wrong that it happens, but when it comes to the safety of my son, I’m willing to be a sexist asshole. I wouldn’t hesitate to let most women I know babysit my kid, but I’d be reluctant to let most of my male friends do the same. Like it or not, sexual abuse of children is not so uncommon that you shouldn’t worry about it.

    That said, the guys you have to worry about are not strangers on the playground…they’re the people already in your life who you trust. What’s the worst that a guy with a camera can do?

  28. A father photographing his kids is a pervert, but those CCTV cameras every 50 feet is just fine . . .

    A real pedo is gonna pshop a phony ID and pose as a photog from a national mag and ask the mommies if they’d like their child to be considered for a spread on “Children Today”… just sign this (phony) release – they’d be tripping over themselves to get their kids in front of the camera.

  29. When I first moved in to the neighborhood a group of children were all getting bubble gum at the store next to my apartment while I was picking up some groceries. They were in front of me in line and I overheard that one of the children was 5 cents short and was crying because all her friends got gum and she didn’t. After I got my change I handed her a nickel on my way out thinking highly of myself and my good-neighborly ways. I quickly realized from the stares of nearby mothers that giving a strangee child a nickel to buy gum instantly gets one labeled as a possible pedophile, and definitely not as the nice new neighbor.

    This apartment happens to be about 50 feet from a playground and ever since that moment, I’d get the most evil stares from the mother’s at the park whenever I’d walk by (which was every day since my parking space was on the other side of the playground). It soon became too much for me to deal with and now I go out of my way to walk around the entire apartment complex to get between the car and my front door. This turns a 50 foot walk into a 1.5 block long walk.

    Now, if I’m ever by a park and a kid’s ball ends up getting away from them and landing near me, never will I dare attempt to throw/kick/hand it back for fear of how this will be perceived by the parents of the neighborhood.

    It is entirely depressing and I hate that “trying to convince my neighbors that I am not a pedophile” even plays a role in my life! Never once did it occur to me that this would ever be a problem in my life. This has been going on for 2 years now, just for handing a crying kid a nickel.

  30. Concerned parents,

    If you’re that worried, keep your children away from your spouse, your parents, your spouse’s parents, your siblings, your spouse’s siblings and your children’s siblings and cousins. And don’t forget your ex-spouse’s new partner and sundry hangers-on. You’ve now reduced the risk of your children being sexually assaulted by 98%. Park pedophiles are a boogeyman to divert attention from the people who are actually abusing children: their own families.

  31. Well, to be fair, he WAS looping his “Everybody Dance Now” ringtone while snapping the photos and growling playfully…

  32. When my girlfriend was in still in school for photography, she’d take a summer job as a summer camp photographer for many of the local sports/dance/day camps around town. A bit of forgetfulness caused her to book a shoot on the same day were were supposed to leave for a vacation. She struggled pretty hard to find someone to cover for her since many of her classmates were male as that camp (like many other local camps) had an agreement with the parents that they’d only hire female photographers.

    Is this common? Has this always been the case? I can’t recall from my childhood what the gender of the photographers were who took pictures of our soccer teams, summer camps, etc.

    I recall reading a book about all the daycare/satanist trials of the early 80’s and how much of the molestation paranoia was orchestrated by conservatives whose goal it was to scare society into thinking the only trusted person to care for a child was the mother, thus forcing mom’s to stay home (and stay out of the workforce) keeping them nicely in line and financially dependent on their husbands.

  33. @#34:
    One of the many problems with the sexism involved in “protecting” your children in such a way is that if any of your children are male they will grow to have the painful experience of being always presumed guilty, also.

    Look at #37 and realize that is not an abnormal situation for the boys being raised now.

    What happens to boys who are raised to believe that the only model of adult male is sexual predator? What happens to girls who are raised that way?

  34. So what if men are twenty times more likely to commit sex crimes than women are? The vast majority of cases of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, in which a caretaker causes injury or sickness in a child in order to get attention, are women — often the child’s mother. I would advise keeping children away from their mothers as well. You know, just in case!

  35. So if you’re a pedophile and want to collect your images remotely, just get a job monitoring CCTV cameras….

  36. As soon as I saw the headline, my first thought was: “This must have happened in the UK.”

    Me too. But I think the presence of the word “Pedo” in the headline was a giveaway. A US version would have said “Preadator-Crazed.” On this score, we little or no saner.

  37. Unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail makes no reference to the fact that it’s among the chief culprits for paedophile-frenzy. Well I never.

  38. Neener:Regardless of how “rare” these incidents are, since 1995 at least 5 men were arrested … This happened twice in 5 years, so it’s not common, but you’d be ignorant to think it never happens.

    You don’t mention any children being involved in any of these incidents. If they weren’t involved, what do these incidents have to do with this story? If they were involved, why didn’t you say so?

  39. wow. bubbleman got disemvoweled for that? Its like you don’t even have to make a case about the stupid levels of moderation here. You just point and say “i see what you did there”

    1. Tim

      The ability to recognize appropriate behavior has never been your strong suit, If you have any more to say on the subject, take it to the Moderation thread.

  40. @18: Next time you take pictures and give them to the parents of the child, tell them that you were considering molesting him but he just wasn’t cute enough.

    The one thing parents hate more than pedophilia is an ugly child.

  41. For that matter, what do having pictures of your kids on the internet have to do with anything? It’s certainly distasteful to think there might be a slimy person looking at pictures of our loved ones and touching themselves, but it causes us no harm. It’s just yucky, and avoiding the astronomically remote possibility of such a thing is not a good reason to inconvenience the other 99.99999% of the world.

  42. Neener #34, if there’s a logical connection between your first and second paragraphs, it’s lost on me. Are you saying that posting photos of kids on the Internet somehow causes creepy sex maniacs to appear at parks? Note that the creeps in your story don’t even appear to be pedophiles — they’re interested in the nannies, not the kids.

  43. Cpt., you really can’t let the phrase ‘sxy chldrn’ stand with vowels. BB would come under suspicion for getting a Google hit on that phrase.

    Why do you assume the world is sane? We’ve seen from this post that it is not. Acting like it is is stupid, not the moderation here.

  44. Antinous

    i keep forgetting that behavior, as in action and obvious jokes are one in the same. My bad.

  45. We know where a grim threat to our children lurks.
    It might get me a few vowels lighter for daring to say it. Sigh.
    But the threat to our children of most dire potential? It currently lurks at:
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    But hey- at least there they will be safe from those demon photographers as outside that location is a no cameras zone.

  46. Lou3000: The one thing parents hate more than pedophilia is an ugly child.

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I would like to think that if I were a photographer wrongfully accosted this way, I’d have the wit and nerve to respond to “I don’t want you taking pictures of my kids” with “I don’t want your ugly rug-rats messing up my picture. Could you move them, please?”

    But I probably wouldn’t, really.

  47. As a point of information, you all may or may not know that the line in poor bubblegum’s disemvoweled post is from a stand-up comedian. I don’t remember his name, and the only reason i know this is because they played that clip from his show in a commercial (on broadcast tv) for the Melbourne comedy festival this year.

    Sad that things that can be said on commercial tv are now getting the disemvowel treatment.

  48. 38: Thank you! I don’t understand why people don’t realize that abuse and sex crimes are nearly always committed by someone who knows the victim. I guess it is easier for people to believe a stranger would do such things rather than someone they know and trust.

  49. Don’t let them own cameras?

    As an aside, i messaged the gentleman on flickr and lended a word of support. He’s doing a bunch of interviews to get the word out. Very polite, very nice man.

  50. So. How do we protect children from the pedos in their families?

    Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure, right?

    And yeah, the Daily Mail and other tabloid rags have spent years throwing fuel on this particular fire.

  51. If you ever want the stinkiest of stink-eyes from the pedo-panic crazies try being a young male children’s librarian.

    Whereas my female counterparts are assumed to be harmless with the temperments of church mice (they are fierce information scientists dammit) it’s assumed that I’m just some slathering beast running the storytime. I’ve always taken great pains to never hug a child, never be alone with any young patrons, even going so far as to worry when I asked a bunch of kids to come up with “secret code names” for the mad science club. Picturing the kids telling their parents I did something “secret” with them and flipping out.

    The people who panic over these sorts of things are the same people who stand in wonder that kids have trouble reaching out to adults for help with problems. If you teach your children that everyone is a potential monster don’t be surprised if you end up with a secretive kid!

  52. @11
    born Espera de Corti, a son of Antonio de Corti and his wife Francesca Salpietra, immigrants from Sicily.

    gotta be a joke there somewhere….

    anyways, kids,other peoples: always deal with them in a loud, aggressive, obviously pained and put upon way with lots of indication that you would rather kill and eat them then see them, much less help them. It’s always OK to hate kids.

  53. My stepson, who would not hurt a fly, took my nieces to the park one day. The park is about a mile’s walk from my house, and a cul-de-sac of very nice homes is behind it. Some busybodies called the police, who came to check out why a young man was at the park with two little girls.

    It probably didn’t help matters that at the time, my stepson had shaggy hair and a beard. But you’d think that they’d notice the demeanor of the little girls, who love their cousin and would not have been acting at all as though the situation were unsavory.

    The police questioned him and let him and the girls go on their way, but he did cut his hair and shave his beard soon after…

  54. @40/Nylund-

    “had an agreement with the parents that they’d only hire female photographers.”

    Is this in the US Nylund? Because that would be highly discriminatory/illegal.

  55. Patrick Austin (#35),
    “@#13: As a father, I hear you…but the stats I’ve seen indicate that men are on the order of 20 times more likely to commit sex crimes (er, or any crime) than women are.”

    Fallacious reasoning. Men are 20 times as likely as women, yes, but men are also 1000 times as likely to be innocently photographing as they are to be pedophiles.

  56. The majority of people today are incapable of rational thought. I only hope their precious, precious children realize how stupid their parents are when they grow up and are ashamed enough to act nothing like them, or else the whole cycle is just going to continue indefinitely.

  57. I can’t tell you how happy I am to live in America, where we have the freedom to-

    …oh. Crap.

  58. Oh dear god, would these people spend even a moment in the rest of the world beyond their bubble and learn a little gratitude for how little risk their children actually face?

    Starvation, malaria, grotesque dismemberment by belligerents? Nope. They seriously have too much on their hands.

  59. Panda 62: That’s in Australia. Perhaps Australia is not as insane as the US. It would not be surprising.

  60. @ #67 :mgfarrelly

    Amen brother! I have to deal with the same problem.

    I almost NEVER meet with a female student without another person present. If forced to do so, I keep my classroom door open and I try to keep a minimum of 3′ of space between us. What’s bad is some of the girls want to give me a hug (oftimes I’m the only positive male ‘role model’ in their life) & I have to try to keep it to an arm on the shoulder.

    I’m about to move into the library where I thought it’d be “better”… I guess not.

  61. This is from the Daily Mail, a tabloid for small minded people that whips up paranoia about paedophiles, vaccines, terrorists and foreigners.

  62. I took pictures of my kids (3 year-old and 5 year-old boys) at a carnival earlier today and the thought crossed my mind at one point, gee, I hope nobody thinks I’m trying to take a picture of their kids.
    I also have caught myself shying away from other people’s kids at the playground, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m some creeper (yeah, unfortunately they’re out there).
    That being said, I try to be friendly with children I meet, and I keep taking my family photos.
    I even taught a group of kids how to play “hide and seek” in the playground just tonight. (Yes, my kids were there too!)

  63. Geez… This reminds me of crap I’ve had to deal with all because of societal gender stereotypes. Years ago, before getting my current teaching job, I taught Sunday school and applied for paying teaching jobs. One of the schools where I applied must have placed literacy rather low on their list of priorities, because when they called me for a job interview, they were surprised to hear my masculine voice. (Were they thinking “Nicole” instead of “Nicholas”?) Flustered, they scheduled an interview anyway, despite sounding very confused. I drove out to the school and wasted a lot of time answering questions already addressed by the resume, only to be told they could not hire me because I’m a man. I told the interviewer that sexual discrimination was illegal in this country. She said she didn’t care. Seeing that I was dealing with an imbecile, I saw no further harm in adding, “So, part of the job description of teaching involves carrying a baby inside one’s body for 9 months?” When she looked confused, I informed her that that fact alone is, as far as the people of MY planet are concerned, the only actual difference between genders — and note that it does not make one superior to the other, nor does it affect one’s teaching abilities. This did not clarify things for her. Since she was the principal, at least she was not pretending to teach anyone. Hopefully she will not be forced to reproduce either.

    A few years later, having gotten paying teaching work and relocated some distance away, I was visiting my parents during a holiday and attended church services where I’d taught Sunday school. Some of my former students spotted me and came over to say hi and shoot the breeze. Suddenly the father of two students took me aside into an empty office, closed the door and accused me of sexually harrassing his daughters, and threatened to get the authorities involved if I didn’t stay away from the kids. Needless to say, I was quite shaken at this bizarre accusation. I told the man that I never had improper contact with his daughters — or ANY student — and that I didn’t appreciate this at all. He left without another word. A few weeks later, I learned that he was shortly thereafter arrested for molesting his own daughters. Had he tried to pass the blame to me? (The fact that I’d moved away and not taught Sunday school for several years seemed to have eluded him.) I couldn’t figure why he would lie to ME about ME. But later, as I became more familiar with the behavior patterns of compulsive liars and guilty people, I found that they often lie TO the people they lie ABOUT — kind of a brainwashing tactic.

  64. re: pictures: when photographing your own children on a busy playground, the following protocols must be observed: Wear ugly shorts that show your veined,stubbly legs. A soiled tee shirt also goes well. Use a large,obsolete format camera held together with tape. To get your child’s attention for a shot, yell: “Over here ya stoopid brat! Hold still! If ya wreck another pict-oor, I’ll wallop ya!” Select another parent at random and yell: “Hey ya dumb bitch! Git yer brat outta my pict-oor! I’m tryna take a pict-oor of my kid here, ya stoopid cow!” Throw an empty beer can at his point. This will reassure the other parents you are indeed one of them and harmless.

  65. A search of the ‘children’ tag in Flickr shows that well over 90% of the posted photos are of non Caucasian children.
    Are white folks coming to believe that cameras can steal the vital essences of children?

  66. I guess there are a few people that have problems with David Hamilton, Jock Sturgess and Sally Mann? Whom is the only one of the 3 not pursued by the law? Sally Mann in the conservative Virginia, though granted Lexington is a fairly liberal college town.

  67. @Neener: Have you ever heard of a proverb “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? This is the problem you and other “protecting my children at any cost”-style parents are creating. Let’s look at one very telling quote from your post:

    “since 1995 at least 5 men were arrested for exposing themselves in public parks in our city”

    So? How many before 1995? Did pedophiles and perpetrators of this crime suddenly appear in 1995 for some reason? Why was that the cut-off date you chose?

    Meanwhile, how many murders occured in your city since 1995? How many people died from drug or alcohol abuse? How many people were mugged, raped, assaulted, burgled or shot?

    I have a feeling that “more than 5” would be the answer to most of those questions. Why are a couple of weirdos who spend their time flashing in public parks worth more of your concern than the perpetrators of these other crimes? You’re raising your kids to be afraid of adult men, leaving no positive male role model in their lives other than perhaps yourself.

    You’re paranoid about completely the wrong things while opening the door for a drop in the quality of life for future generations. Think about all the positive male influences in your own childhood – teachers, friendly men who would talk to children and/or volunteer for coaching or mentoring – maybe sports, scouting, group activities. Now imagine your childhood if those people weren’t there. I suspect that the childhood you just imagined would be lower quality – that’s the childhood you’re helping to create for your children and their children.

    Why demonise innocent men just because a few pedophiles exist? Your children are statistically far more at risk from family members than strangers, and more likely to be affected by drugs, “falling into the wrong crowd” at school and car accidents than they are to be abused. Place your concerns in the right place, and your good intentions won’t lead us further onto that path to hell.

  68. stranger danger!

    remember that?

    it left a generation of kids looking the wrong way.

    Nearly all sexual abuse of kids is doe by family and friends.

    the lone perv roaming the parks is a relative rarity.

    But here’s an interesting story.

    I went to IKEA to get some Swedonian items and thought I would have my lunch there.

    I’d been there many times and sat where I ussualy did , by the only window in the dining hall.

    The seating had been changed from canteen style long tables to individual ones and there was some shoulder high red cylindrical item in “my” corner by the window.

    I figured it for an information booth or somesuch and ignored it.

    HAlf way through my lunch there is a stampede of kids in through a side entrance of the red thing that I had not seen.

    It turns out this is an activity centre where kids can make one hell of a lot of noise.

    So I finish up my lunch and take the tray over to the racks.

    As I pass a young couple the woman mutters “Peaodo, eyeing up the kids disgusting” undr her breath, but loud enough so I can be duly chastised by her righteous but slightly timorous fury.

    I tuned omn my heel and asked her to repeat what she said.

    She did , then her husband joined in.

    He was obviously more than happy to break out the burning torches and pitch forks.

    I pointed out that their kids were at far greater risk from them than anyone else, which went down very badly.

    I told them to grow the f*ck uop and went on my way laughing at them.

    By the time I got to my car I was a ball of black hearted fury.

    The absurd bit is that the seating that I had been in then and many times before was because it was as far away from the shrill cacophony of the kids play area as you could get.

    I hate kids, I hated kids when I was one, I really dislike them now.

  69. @ #78 John Coulthart

    Yeah, it’s pretty sad that that debate pretty much eclipsed anything else in Australia for weeks…so my guess would be the Pedo-Paranoid Parent movement spans a number of countries.

    The ugliest thing about it is that self-righteous mob mentality…it’s sickening.

    So yes, concerned parents, feel free to establish your virtual fortress where ever you see fit, but please respect my right to not want your ever-watchful presence and your noisy litter anywhere near me, either.

  70. A note when it comes to passing on stories from The Daily Mail – they’re about as reliable as Fox News when it comes to the truth.
    Often they just plain make stuff up.

  71. how to be a pedo in public without harassment.
    1: disguise yourself as a woman (women are never pedos apparently)
    2: use a hidden camera
    3: don’t bother with either 1 or 2..just stay at home and look at other peoples children on flickr.

    btw, in my parents family photo collection, there are photos of me and my sisters when we were kids playing on the beach…and we are NUDE!!
    should i report my parents to the police or just form a lynching mob and burn the pedos house down?

  72. Xopher “BB would come under suspicion for getting a Google hit on that phrase.”
    Truly,The crux of the censors biscuit.

  73. #33 I first heard that ,admitedly, very sick joke from Frankie Boyle,scottish purveyuor of,well check it oot fur yer sel’

  74. is this a new branch of paedophillia whereby people are attracted to fully clothed children frolocking around having fun? If so, where’s the call to ban Gap adverts?

    most if not all child abuse is committed by a close family member or the parent(s) themselves.

    Wherever you set foot in a public place in the UK you are under surveillance – ergo if you WERE frequenting parks photographing children (irrespective of the absurdity of it all), the local branch of the UK-Stasi would certainly know it.

  75. I’m male and all through middle school and high school, then college until I graduated last year, I worked with children. First as a volunteer at my mother’s preschool, then babysitting and lifeguarding/teaching swim lessons.

    It always was difficult at first, especially doing swim lessons, as it required me to be in my swim suit (and my tattoos and piercings probably didn’t help either) and, with the younger kids, a lot of physical contact. Many times, the kids would give me hugs after their lessons.

    Luckily, I never had any complaints that I know about and I was eventually one of the more popular teachers. I now realize how lucky I was that I never had any problems from the pedo-crazy of the world.

  76. Hello, lazy parenting.

    It’s infuriating to me that instead of learning the actual signs and behaviors of child predators so many would rather paint half the world as perverts and keep their kids locked away in response.

    I have a 9 year old girl and from a very young age I’ve spoken to her about appropriate touch, why secrets are bad and that she needs to talk to me about everything going on with her. I also took a course, shortly after her birth, that helped me to learn what behaviors should arouse suspicion.

    No, my child isn’t abuse-proof or anything of the sort but she’s vastly more protected than a child whose mom thinks keeping people with cameras away is tantamount to security.

    Some men are perverts. Some men are also over seven feet tall.

    On a related note, I’m hesitant to really engage with other peoples children because of this, and I’m a woman. I have bright hair and piercings and am therefore painted with the ‘suspect’ brush a lot as well. It wasn’t a thought that had ever occurred to me until, at a playdate, a woman offered to take my ‘bathroom helper’ spot, the most icky of all, and another woman told me it was because she thought there was ‘something off’ about me. My first few trips into the school when my daughter first started her career there were very special, too.

    We need to get over our own paranoia. I just had to convince a relative that it really was okay for her to take a picture of her 5month old daughters bare behind. She was saying how she thought it was absolutely adorable at that age but didn’t want to take the picture because of what the ‘developer people think’. What kind of world do we live in where a picture of a smiling mom holding her smiling baby in a very non-sexual way is ‘risky’?

  77. Just two things come to mind when I read this kind of thing: it’s Dailymail (garbage, sensationalist crap-spewing that can’t even come close to passing as journalism), and the context of the situation was likely not as simple as all that. My bet is this guy was getting in people’s way, being rude or annoying, and the general protest wasn’t based so much on the fact that he was taking photo’s as his demeanor and invasive physical presence. That’s a total guess, and I can’t back it up with anything – but that’s how highly I think of Dailymail.

    If (and I highly doubt) this story happened just as it’s been written up, then yes it’s a shame and I know it’s a lingering worry in my mind when I consider the future with my soon to be born daughter. But I won’t get all bent out of shape over anything the Dailymall publishes.

  78. I’m constantly amazed at the level of knowledge people claim to have about pedophiles, and the rules that we should enforce to keep our children safe.

    How did they become an expert in what turns a pedophile on?

    Somehow I doubt that pictures of my daughter on the playground turns them on.

    If reports in the press are to be trusted, the pictures and videos found when raiding pedophile-rings, is of an all together other nature.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t worry, but seeing pedophiles everywhere, shielding our children from all things male or overreacting in other ways, is just plain stupid.

    So is disemvoweling harmless jokes, no matter how tasteless you think they are (like #24 posted by bubbleman).

    IMHO dumbest, most pointless, disemvoweling ever.

    (Hey bubbleman, you made me laugh – even if I am a father).

  79. Are white folks coming to believe that cameras can steal the vital essences of children?

    Kent: But first, we all stink! That’s according to a national survey ranking Springfield as the least popular city in America. In science, dead last:

    [cut to Skinner tied to a stake on top of a pyre]

    Skinner: I’m telling you people, the earth revolves around the sun!

    Abe: Burn him!

    [lights the pyre]

    Shutton: What a story!

    [takes a photo]

    Abe: You’ve stolen my soul!

  80. I have to admit, if I’m at a park and I see a man there without a woman, I watch him. But when I see he has children and is only there watching his kids I relax. But women can be out to get your kids too. So this is just stupid. I have taken pictures of my kids at the park and gotten other children in the picture by accident, burn me at the stake!

  81. I think this is so stupid. I am still just a kid and I’ve been taught to be parinoid about everything. I can’t even trust my father anymore, much less a male teacher. Why don’t we all just break down and say: everyone is a pedophile and we should live the rest in our days in isolation from one another?

    It would be best in the end.
    (shakes head and walks away)

  82. I was accused of being a perv about two weeks ago. Went to a public park with my girlfriend, and they have a public pool there with a lot of neat water fixtures.

    I was snapping photos of the waterfalls and fountains, because I love photographing water of all kinds. Long-exposure shots, so even if someone had been around, they’d have been a ghostly blur in the pictures. There weren’t even any kids on the side of pool my camera was aimed at, and sure enough, after about five minutes the lifeguard came over and sheepishly apologized (I could tell that he, at least, was not a total douchenozzle) saying that some of the parents were “concerned.”

    Again, the area I was in, and where my camera was aimed was completely deserted and about fifty feet from where the bulk of the crowd was. Not to mention the fact that I have pro equipment, was set up in plain sight and was wearing a very loud Hawaiian shirt. Oh yeah–and my girlfriend was standing right next to me.

    I’m pretty sure I’d at least try to be a little less conspicuous if I were indeed attempting to photograph children to share with all my pedo friends.

  83. The paranoia doesn’t seem to infect the latino community quite as badly as the WASPs around where I live. I usually have at least a brief pleasant conversation with latino/latina parents that I meet when I take my daughter to the playground. The northern European types typically avoid me even after they see me talking with my daughter.

    God Bless America (and the UK, and Australia, apparently). No one else will.

  84. #103 posted by Anonymous

    Why don’t we all just break down and say: everyone is a pedophile and we should live the rest in our days in isolation from one another?

    It would be best in the end.
    (shakes head and walks away)

    Read The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov.

  85. This world is going insane!

    If the guy was alone and had a camera, people should worry. But he had his own kids with him for crying out load. It’s sad to think that we have come to this.

  86. poeple will usually assume that you will doo exactly as they think they would do in your situation, its called projection and it shows what a sick world we live in you can count on 90% of the accusers to do exactly what they accused you of when they are put in the the same context you are in.

  87. how are there still kids tv programs allowed, & adverts – they sohw CHILDREN on them oh how shocking…..and why are kids not fully encased in 2 feet of steel when travelling outside the house in case anybody can see thm

    in fact i think its shocking kids are allowed to be seen outside where they can be photographed or the memory of their faces used for masturbatory exploits. we should lock them up, dont let them out, tell them to talk to nobody outside of the house and beat them if they do.
    we really have to save them from weirdos
    ( yes i am joking for The benefit of those nutters who may actually agree with the above !!)

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