Plaid/Jaroc bird music video

Spurred by my post yesterday about the surreal bird formation video, filmmaker Bob Jaroc pointed me to this captivating music video he made in 2006 for the electronica group Plaid. Bob says, they're "real birds, shot in Brighton, England over a year or so then sequenced." The video is from Greedy Baby, a CD/DVD combination with Plaid's music and Jaroc's videos. Plaid/Jaroc bird video

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  1. Last year I saw Eluvium play live and he had a projector showing a similar shot, I heard from someone that it was the Chapman swifts.

    In Portland, every September a flock of 30,000 swifts swarm Champman Elementary school and funnel into the chimney.

    I think it happens pretty dependably on a certain evening because a couple of the local art schools plan a picnic there every year on the day that the swifts are coming in.

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