Video: Mark Ryden and Marion Peck short film


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  1. neurolux says:

    I remember seeing this at an art gallery opening over a year ago. To see it you had to look thru a small window in a cabinet (which you see at the start of the video).

    I like the alternate ending where you see the dolls shoot themselves up with insulin. (not really)

  2. clueless in brooklyn says:

    Pedophilia on LSD with a sweet tooth and a side order of helium.

  3. sicklecell says:

    Raymond scott is awesome!

  4. kiddr01 says:

    That was absolutely pathetic. I’m entirely disappointed.. Although i do love it when extremely talented people fall flat on their face. Mwuhahahahah.. ok, thats enough.

  5. tmccartney says:

    If you’re curious – and I know you are – the music is “And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon,” by Raymond Scott. Amazon has it as a 99-cent MP3 download.

  6. GammaBlog says:

    Creepy, yucky, poo.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Tim, I WAS curious, considering that song is pretty much the most intersting part of the short and they don’t even credit the guy.

  8. noen says:

    Strange, yes. I like Ryden sometimes but this isn’t doing much for me. It’s pretty empty. Ryden has become as shallow and devoid of substance as the kitsch he so clearly loves.

    This has a bit more meat to it.
    Jeff Wall

    You’re not really critiquing the emptiness of consumer culture if you’re celebrating it are you?

  9. Antinous says:

    I never realized that The Uncanny Valley was in Munchkinland.

  10. joanna says:

    Wow, I hated that. I was chuffed at the idea of a Mark Ryden book for kids, which makes this even more disappointing.

  11. halfsquatch says:

    Hey Noen,

    A friendly correction: I am nowhere near a goth but can understand how my banner skewed your brain. Here are more of my thoughts on Jeff if you care…


  12. halfsquatch says:

    #2: I agree, this isn’t doing much for me either–in fact I thought it was pretty crappy. But then you added Jeff Wall to the mix? Jeff Wall?! The most empty shell of an artist in the world! His stuff is void of ANYTHING except some knowledge of studio lighting and how to get an exposure. He’s a catalogue photographer at best.

  13. insect_hooves says:


  14. Xopher says:

    Insect Hooves, I have no idea what you mean by that, probably because I haven’t seen the video (videos are blocked here), but I think you have the coolest name I’ve seen in a long time!

  15. noen says:

    Wall actually thinks about what he is doing. I imagine I could have chosen other conceptual artists but at least Wall is not joyfully wallowing in our culture of kitsch. He is an academic and so can be criticized from that point of view. Goth? Is there anything more self absorbed than goth? I can see why you wouldn’t like him.

  16. noen says:

    Anonymous has you pegged.

    “if you took the time to read into his work, what it is based upon, what it engages with, then you would get a lot more out of Wall. Instead of looking at it’s face-value, maybe a little investigation would lift this cloud of disdain from your heads and make you realize that Wall’s tableau is such a detailed reading of the history of art, it’s processes and a reflection upon this”

    You write about Mimic:
    “Remember, Jeff Wall came up with this idea of racism all on his own using nothing but his mind and thought he’d better document it and get it down on film.”

    It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. You haven’t even bothered to spend five minutes thinking or reading about it. He did witness that and then re-created it. People often have a hard time with conceptual art because they think that art is nothing but surface and technique or pretty pictures you hang over your sofa. It is not. The reason that I pointed to Walls is because he has more substance to him than Ryden. Whom I think is fairly weak conceptually.

    What conceptually is Mark Ryden about? He’s a poseur. “Here’s a big steaming bowl of shit. I know you love it. Dig in!” That’s Ryden.

  17. atomicelroy says:

    I kinda like the video, but the music ( which is superb on it’s own) is not a good fit with the video, not creepy enough.

  18. Lea Hernandez says:

    That is the third thing I’ve seen on BB today that needed a Unicorn Chaser.

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