Defender in a Favicon

DEFENDER of the Favicon implements the game of Defender using Javascript and the tinsy, teeny space afforded by a Favicon. Supposedly works in Firefox and Opera, though my Firefox just stalls on the splashscreen. Nevertheless: woah. 8-bit arcade game in a Favicon. Woah. Link (via Wonderland)


  1. Well, they say that “FireFox 3 suffers from garbage collection hick ups when playing in the favicon” so you need FF2 or Opera to actually play it.
    I switched to Opera and played it without problems.

  2. Wow.. what will they think of next.. haha.. it works brilliantly its just a bit hard to see..

  3. This is neat, but I wonder why Defender? The control scheme of that game is so damn complicated.

    A more obvious game to do as a favicon would either be Pong or Breakout.

  4. How do you play it? In Firefox 3 when I press a key it just goes to my insta-search bar on the bottom.

  5. In Firefox you need to turn off the ‘search for text when i start typing’ option so your keypresses don’t get captured by the search gubbins.

    tools > options > advanced tab

  6. That’s a nice bit of scripting. I’m particularly fond of the LOLvars:

    var iCanHasThrust = Math.random()*4&3;

  7. They could do Zork in a Favicon — “Y” [more] “o” [more] “u” [more] “a” [more] “r” [more] “e” [more] “s” [more] “t” [more] “a” [more] “n” [more] “d” …

  8. Pong and breakout wouldn’t have been conducive to the scrolling that this game used to create a larger space than the actual display.

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