Maker Faire Austin 2008: Call for Entries


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  1. jennybean42 says:

    I went last year and had a good time. But I can’t make that trip every year, and I hear the San Mateo one is better. What there REALLY needs to be, is a Boston Makers Faire. Of course, everyone would have to fly into Providence, because of the whole Logan airport security detail.

  2. long-orange-arms says:

    It appears these makers have even made up the word faire for themselves

  3. mdhatter says:

    #5 – We can’t even win a sports championship lately without sacrificing one student at the altar of law enforcement. (excessive force, it sucks)

    There should be a faire in Hartford CT, just to keep it out of Boston, but without resorting to NYC hotel prices.

  4. Raines Cohen says:

    An unofficial Maker Faire in Austin community-organizing “town hall” gathering will take place this Sunday evening:

    as chronicled on the unofficial wiki:

  5. querent says:

    I’m gonna build that satan’s head car from the simpsons episode with tom petty, keith richards, et all.

    and i’ll start an impromptu bong competition. you
    re all invited.

  6. querent says:

    MIT has one. (a bong competition.)

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