Man's replica Batmobile

Chris Woodside, 46, of CIncinnati, Ohio is an insurance claims adjuster who owns perfect replica of the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV series. Today's Cincinnati Enquirer profiles Woodside, an eBay collector who has 3,000 vintage PEZ dispensers and was previously attempting to build a B9 "Danger, danger!" robot from Lost In Space. He attempted to build the Batmobile too, from a kit, but eventually outsourced the assembly. From the Enquirer (click image to see the full photo):
Batmobbbbbilteeee-1 The original Batmobile, created by George Barris, was made from a 1955 Lincoln Futura, a concept car that Ford never put into production. Woodside, a self-proclaimed "GM guy," decided his 19-foot-long replica would rest on the restored chassis of a 1976 Catalina station wagon.

As a claim rep with plenty of body shop contacts, he thought it would be easy to build a Batmobile.

It wasn't.

He shipped his body kit and chassis to a California builder, and frustrations mounted as the work dragged on for three years. Woodside finally took delivery in November 2005.
Batmobile replica (Cincinnati Enquirer, thanks Gil Kaufman!)