Smoking skeleton garden-ornament

Grimgarden's "Doomies" are little ceramic fellers shaped like hooded death. Fill them with incense cones and they waft magic stench through your poisoned herbs and carnivorous fly-traps. Link (Thanks, Stefan!)

Update: Geez, I almost missed their "Rebirdy" -- a skull-shaped bird feeder that has the chirpy critters feeding out of the eye-sockets.


  1. I’ve made a few birdhouses recently. The idea of making one that looked like a skull crossed my mind, but I rejected the notion. My reasoning was that birds would instinctively avoid something that resembled a large, and therefore possibly predatory face. It seems I guessed wrongly.

  2. I don’t think birds care once they get used to something – esp if there’s food around. I like these, they’re remeniscent of Mexico’s Day Of The Dead festival.

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