Photo of people flinching at a flying baseball bat

bat-fear.jpg Not sure of the source of this photo posted on Arbroath's blog (a detail is shown here), but I imagine the looks of surprise on the people's faces are a goldmine for researchers like Paul Ekman, who study facial expressions and emotions.

Flying baseball bat scares people (Arbroath)


  1. Yeah, that’s the thing I noticed: all the adults are flinching like maniacs, yet the kids are just watching with wonder.

    Something about the naiveté of youth, not knowing what a spinning, 34 ounce wooden projectile can do to your face.

  2. The compulsive researcher/detective wanna be in me has me looking for where this came from. I’m not really knowledgeable about baseball, but I tried searching for the logo on the dugout. Baltimore is kind of close (The “S” at the end of “Orioles” but not quite.

    I suspect it is somewhere in the NE states, because of the guy with the Yankees cap, and the kids appear to be eating NY style pizza. Does anyone recognize the logo on the blue hat? It looks kinda familiar.

  3. I’ve seen foolster’s example before, and regardin the kids, it really depends on if they’re watching the game or not. If they see the errant swingage, they react.

  4. @ Foolster41, #3:

    My guess is AT&T Park, in San Francisco.

    The colors (black and orange) are right, and that “S” could be the end of Giants. The logo on the blue (black?) hat looks like it could be the “SF” Giants logo, and the seats also look like the ones at AT&T Park.

    When do I get my junior detective badge?

  5. Burnsi: Not a bad guess. The hat looks very close, I suspect that you are right that it is a SF giants hat.

    However, looking at photos of AT&T stadium, I can’t quite find a match. The “S” makes sense, but the shape on the left side doesn’t quite fit. For one thing, the shape on the far left doesn’t quite match, and the lettering it filled orange with white edging, AT&T has black with orange edging. (Unless it has changed since this photo, but I don’t see any that are different than this one.)

  6. @3,@10,@11,

    Based solely on the observation that there are a whole bunch of very prime, very empty seats behind the dugout I’d guess this was a minor league venue. Wood bat says pro ball.

  7. WRay: so which one is it then? I think it might be a pro practice, since I’d imagine only more dedicated fans go to those.

  8. Sharkhunt wins the sleuthing contest. It is in fact a Fresno Grizzlies game v. the Portland Beavers on July 7 and was taken by Kurt Hegre of The Fresno Bee.
    William Haines
    Director of Photography
    The Fresno Bee

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