Buy a full-size T. Rex replica

A mere $100,000 gets you a STAN museum-grade T-Rex replica, a whopping 40' long and 12' high. They'll pose him for you, too.

Each STAN T. rex skeleton is constructed according to your creative needs, allowing you to fashion a more dynamic exhibit. Whether you want your skeleton walking, stalking, attacking, running, jumping or looking your visitors right in the eye, we welcome your input, so long as the pose requested is natural and anatomically possible. Constructed modularly with no section more than 6 feet long, this incredible specimen can be assembled by an experienced crew of six in just under an hour!
Link (via Geekologie)


  1. For a hundred grand I want all the servos installed and a radio control unit. I mean, I *could* do it myself but planning for world domination is time consuming enough.

  2. I’d buy one and just put it on my front lawn. I’d set it up to roar every once in a while to mess with people.

  3. Can we put frickin’ laser beams on it’s head….oh wait, that’s sharks. Sorry, ignore that.

  4. I’ll take two.

    I’ll pose them like they’re fighting.

    Then I’ll make them look like they’re playing Twister.

  5. Wow! Based on the photo, is it true that T-Rex had no shoulder blades? Weak little arms indeed.

  6. Either I’m the only person who read the price tag ($100K) or BB is rolling with a richer crowd than I thought.

  7. Haha, one step closer to recreating my house from Animal Crossing!

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day :D

  8. I used to have one made of styrofoam, maybe 7′ long. A Styrosaurus, I guess. Had to be assembled, about eight pieces. Had it in the yard up at Fairfax, CA. A dog tore it all to hell. A neighbor buried two pieces near his garden, to astound future paleontpogists, he said.

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