Crowd-source haircut video

Bilal Ghalib says: "This is how I got San Francisco to cut my hair. Crowd-sourced grooming in action." Link


  1. wrong article dude. I see nobody exploding or causing the man to explode while getting a haircut.

    Although if he or they did – that would of course be awesome.

  2. I’ve got a wedding coming up in a couple of weeks and my girl has been bugging me to cut my hair for it… Hmmm…

  3. Creative, but I’m guessing the whole thing took the better part of 3 hours, and the most important part to me about a haircut is the lower back of the neck, which I see nobody touched. The movie sort of shows how cloud-based operations can be ineffective for some activities…

  4. Yeah, you’re right about the back of my neck. Kinda got a bit of a mullet going on now, but I couldn’t bring shears out with me. Alas.

    The haircut may have been inefficient. But it seemed to bring people together and they had a good time screwing with my head. Glad to provide. ; D

  5. I lived in San Franscisco. A little tip: never touch the hair of people sitting on the sidewalk, even if they ask. Especially if they ask.

  6. Actually, that haircut you’re sporting by the end is quite fabulous. Scruffy but stylish. People pay good money to get precision artists to mimic that look.

  7. Instead of having the tourist cut his hair in Union Square, he should have gone a few blocks over to the Tenderloin and had the crackheads cut it. It would have been much more interesting…

  8. The phrase “crowd-sourced grooming” just leaves me with the “uh-oh” feeling.

    Can’t get around it.

  9. Love the homage to Yoko Ono. I used to let friends cut my hair, but they usually just ended up getting mad at each other. Better to let strangers on the street do it — fewer ownership issues.

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