Octopus with 96 tentacles

This octopus has 88 extra tentacles. The rare specimen is on display at the Shima Marineland Squarium. From Pink Tentacle:
 Images Octopus W 96 Tentacles 1The preserved octopus actually has the normal number of 8 appendages attached to its body, but each one branches out to form the multitude of extra tentacles. Apparently there is no theory that fully explains the surplus tentacles, but they are believed to be the result of abnormal regeneration that occurred after the octopus suffered some sort of injury.
Extra-tentacled octopus (Pink Tentacle, thanks Nat!)


  1. Can I just be first to say.
    We salute our many tentacled overlords….
    (ahh the banality of teh interweb!)

  2. #1 and #5 BOTH beat me to it. Glad to see that we geeks are all on the same wavelength. =)

    – David Stein

  3. You mean you didn’t immediately think of the 24-tentacled octopus from Schoolhouse Rock’s “Three is a magic number?”

  4. I was only wondering why this was not tagged Cthulhu? What do you mean there is nu Cthulhu tag? I thought this was BoingBoing?

  5. hey! speaking of the grotesque, the monstrous and the unexpected: what did you think of Hellboy 2? Loved the Troll Market!

  6. Hellboy II was great. Best Fantasy based film I’ve seen in a long time. Thank The Gods for G. Del Toro.

  7. That Wink character was so seamless in CG I thought of it as an actor throughout. Great work there. The Golden Army didn’t quite though.

  8. It wasn’t more than a decade ago that Mike Mignola could be found sitting at a table at a Comic Con chatting with a couple of fans and signing comics. He sold me a Hellboy pin that’s still on my motorcycle jacket. It’s gratifying that an original talent has been recognized and promoted. I look forward to Hellboy III: The Terrible Twins Arrive.

  9. But does it favor one of the 96 tentacles more than the others, and how quickly can it solve a rubik’s cube?

  10. Too many tentacles
    for one octopus
    to be writhing

    You’re gonna writhe
    writhe, writhe, writhe
    ninety-six tentacles

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