Zombie puppets sing songs of love


6 Responses to “Zombie puppets sing songs of love”

  1. Waterlilygirl says:

    This was an awesome video! I had to let all my friends know about it.

  2. liquide says:

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful end to my day.
    “Dust in the wind…”

  3. Takuan says:


  4. proto says:

    Heh! They’re like muppets!
    Disturbing, decomposing muppets.

  5. eustace says:

    Beautiful. And the message is more convincing coming from them!
    Beware the vegan zombies – “Graaaaaains!)

  6. Zombie says:

    I’ve never been disturbed by a zombie before …. I doubt I’ll ever be able to hear that song again without thinking of this video.

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