Garden Yeti

Gardentsasqqqqq Last night, the Imaginary Foundation presented me with this beautiful gift, "Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Sculpture." Available from Design Toscano, it stands almost two and a half feet tall and is made from hand-painted resin. My 2.5 year-old-son was slightly scared of the creature at first, but then he cautiously walked up, examined him closely, and finally patted him on the head and said "Nice Bigfoot! Bigfoot is nice!"
Bigfoot statue (Thanks, Nick Philip!)


  1. Isn’t this Sasquatch? I thought the Yeti was in the Himalayas. Bigfoot=Sasquatch. Abominable Snowman=Yeti.

  2. Holy yeti snatch Batman! *punches glove*

    Yes, my little chum! …studies in cryptozoology have shown… …Yeti… …Sasquatch… …Bigfoot… …all the… …same! *face like he just came under his cowl*

  3. re: #11: They are reporting it as three foot tall and wooden, but in photographs it appears to be the same Big Foot Garden Sculpture.

  4. Um, i’m pretty sure this is Big Foot. We all know that Yeti’s are all white and fuzzy and live in the freezer.

  5. A two-feet tall bigfoot seems kind of, erm, small. It should be at least 8 feet. 10 to 12 feet would be even better. And it better have really big feet. :)

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