Garden Yeti


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  1. David Pescovitz says:

    MINTPHRESE @7, Agreed!

  2. ill lich says:

    Seems to be in the classic Patterson-Gimlin footage pose.

  3. doplgangr says:

    all he needs is a top hat and a cane, and he’s perfect…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this Sasquatch? I thought the Yeti was in the Himalayas. Bigfoot=Sasquatch. Abominable Snowman=Yeti.

  5. Fenchurch says:

    Hey… I just saw this in SkyMall when I was flying into NYC last week! Awesome gift!

  6. Antinous says:

    Scientists in the UK who have examined hairs claimed to belong to a yeti in India say that an initial series of tests have proved inconclusive.

    Today’s BBC article

  7. Victor Erimita says:

    WAIT!! That is the same one stolen on june 18th somewhere in the south:

  8. dainel says:

    A two-feet tall bigfoot seems kind of, erm, small. It should be at least 8 feet. 10 to 12 feet would be even better. And it better have really big feet. :)

  9. David Pescovitz says:

    SkyMall is where my the person who gave it to me saw it too!

  10. mdhatter says:

    He looks an awful lot like Harry Henderson.

  11. cheap skateboard says:

    Give me one that stands 8 feet tall and I’m all in.

  12. presterjohn says:


  13. Phikus says:

    Holy yeti snatch Batman! *punches glove*

    Yes, my little chum! …studies in cryptozoology have shown… …Yeti… …Sasquatch… …Bigfoot… …all the… …same! *face like he just came under his cowl*

  14. eustace says:

    re: #11: They are reporting it as three foot tall and wooden, but in photographs it appears to be the same Big Foot Garden Sculpture.

  15. Phikus says:

    Now we know what your “regular garden variety” yeti looks like. =D

  16. Thorfin says:

    He just needs a half rack of Kokanee beer and he would be complete.

  17. minTphresh says:

    bigfoot IS nice!

  18. RocketSprocket says:

    Um, i’m pretty sure this is Big Foot. We all know that Yeti’s are all white and fuzzy and live in the freezer.

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